A More Civilized Age or: How Austin and Rob Made Me Watch 9+ Hours of Bad Star Wars to "Get to the Good Stuff"

I’m not saying it purely doesn’t make sense, I’m saying it paints in broad strokes so the subtlety and nuance lacking in Palpatine is lacking everywhere. It makes as much sense as it needs to.

Besides, real life has made me cynical, and I no longer have any reason to believe that open and obvious evil would stop anyone from being given power.

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I’m not looking for subtlety. You can use a broad brush to paint him as charming or a good public speaker with a strong group of diehard supporters. Instead the prequels have a similar issue to Rise of Skywalker, characters motivated by what the audience knows instead what the characters knows. They know we know Anakin falls to the Dark Side and become Palpatine’s apprentice so they don’t actually do a lot of work to set up that relationship or create believable motivation.

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Person on twitter picking apart the prequels but as Columbo


I wish James Luceno’s Plagueis was still canon. It does a great job of filling on some of the whys and wherefores of what the Sith do and how they decide to do it.

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Ok, so I’m switching my position on CinemaSins-style nitpick reviews of things. They’re good, actually, but ONLY if they’re presented as Colombo interrogating a suspect.


I’m reading the Revenge of the Sith novelisation atm and I might be forced to admit that it’s actually pretty good.

Idk if I like the way the Dooku/ Anakin fight is reframed but the way it approaches the declining popularity of the Jedi (apart from Anakin) as well as the Chancellor’s provocative attempts to assert control over them is rad. About halfway through atm and it’s also good that it highlights that Anakin’s attempts to become a Master (while still inducing petulant reactions in him) is also because he believes it’s one way he can save Padme. That it’s denied to him makes it slightly more understandable for his sudden heel turn later.


Stover’s novelization is the real Revenge of the Sith. I kinda hope they do an episode on it. The character insights are helpful and it’s genuinely well-written.

There’s such a good bit from the novelization (that I can’t find, of course) that takes place between the opera scene and Palpatine’s hard sell to Anakin (it may be added to the front of the hard sell; I don’t remember) where Palpatine says to Anakin some variation of “If this Sith Lord of yours came in right now and said he could end the war, I’d sit him down for a drink and talk him through the particulars.” It’s a nice little stepping stone from “There’s some obscure Sith knowledge that you might be interested in” → “The ends justify the means w/r/t the Dark Side” → “Join the Dark Side and we can save Padme.”

Also while I’m thinking of it, there is definitely some Sith sorcery that can give other people nightmares and Palpatine in Rebels is shown to be acquainted with Sith sorcery, so that’s certainly possible. My understanding of Anakin’s “fatherhood,” though (and this might be from Plagueis, which is no longer canon) is that Anakin is actually Plagueis’s “son”


If the paternity of Anakin’s birth was Palpatine… Ben Solo would be Rey’s first cousin once removed.

Take out the love interest plot they shoehorned in the last 20 minutes of TRoS, which becomes grosser with this theory, and that’s potentially an interesting direction if Luke and Leia were Rey’s cousins and the Dyad that forms with Leia’s son. Would it make Star Wars’ universe even smaller than it already is? Sure.

Personally, I’d find it very funny if Abrams accidentally wrote himself into that particular incesty corner in his attempt to undo TLJ.

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It’s not as if Star Wars hasn’t written itself into that corner before…


The Skywalker-Palpatine Family Tree starts to look more and more like the Habsburgs every trilogy.

We must keep the bloodline pure!!!


Any impressions on the Bad Batch pilot that dropped yesterday?
I thought it was good, especially for a first episode

liked that it takes place right after order 66, can possibly fill in more of the blanks for that period

I liked it, it’s basically more of Clone Wars which I’m pretty alright with. It takes place in a period in Star Wars that I wanted to see more of as well so I’m excited to see more of it.

Is Dee Bradley Baker the best voice actor on the planet? The man is literally the entire Bad Batch and every named clone in Clone Wars and they’re somehow all different characters.


It is fun how the opening of the credits is just, ‘Starring Dee Bradley Baker as The Bad Batch’.


I was relistening to the Revenge of the Sith episode and hearing Ali talk about the memes and YTMND made this old gem come back to my mind. I present for your enjoyment: