A More Civilized Age or: How Austin and Rob Made Me Watch 9+ Hours of Bad Star Wars to "Get to the Good Stuff"

I’m still mad about losing Battlefront 3 and now you have cursed me to know Battlefront 4 also sorta existed. Disney must pay.

I’m a huge fan of wildly overthinking the lore in as much as it pertains to critically interrogating and having fun with the stories as opposed to justifying 6 hour “RIAN JOHNSON BROKE STAR WARS” YouTube rants.


Eyebrows burnt off variant is a mood.

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He’s looking great, considering. With a nice wig or hat to cover up that scalp, he’d be ready for date night.

Omg, Luke got Jokerfied!



He looks like a fetching Yul Brynner.


I have never been a fan of the edgy Sith looks. Yeah, Maul’s tattoos are red (or black? or both?) but all the best Sith are just normal looking people. Evil eyes are about as blatant as a good Sith needs to be.


Sith fashion > Sith “looks”


Lana Beniko and her “only enough to meet the dress code” look is peak Sith.


Jedi Council don’t read this

Lana Beniko hello


I just finished the first episode.

I considered Star Wars pretty much dead to me after I heard Episode 9 was such an insult to everything The Last Jedi was trying to do, so I’m at least happy something pulled me back in.

One thing I’m always curious about… Is George AWARE that we see the Jedi in the same problematic structure as the senate and political structures that are portrayed in the films?

I’ve always seen him as writing the Jedi as the all knowing and just figures as they’re portrayed. None of the Jedi have a come to Jesus moment in the films where they go, “Wow, this is totally our fault.” None of them really argue with each other. Anakin is the WRONG one and the Jedi are right, and there’s never any introspection to that besides what the audience reads after the fact.

There is a great moment in the Asajj Ventress book where Mace Windu loses it in the council and goes, “ALL WE DO IS JUST SIT HERE, NOD, AND TRY TO LOOK AS WISE AS POSSIBLE.”


I remember the novelization of Revenge of the Sith has some pretty clearly laid out moments of Yoda realizing “Ah crap. Right, Qui-Gon was.” I doubt George read the book end to end or at all but, knowing or not, he approved a book that was at The Last Jedi’s level of saying the Jedi Council were all idiots.

Personally, I like to think Lucas, circa 2005…

CW: Some real inside baseball Northern California cultural references

was making a poor decision to start trying to style himself as a Silicon Valley wealthy man instead of remaining in the higher strata that is a Marin County wealthy man. He was technically in tech, he could schmooze with the Gateses and the Jobses. He could… do a TED Talk (yes, they were a thing even then). It was an attempt that thankfully failed as his future from there proved that it’s not a Modesto man who has the power to escape the gravitational pull of sitting around, wealthy and boring but isolated and esoteric, in Marin County.


I have actually recommended reading the Revenge of the Sith novel to people as a good example of how an author can “save” a film by writing a bunch of interior dialogue.


Also that novel is just epic as shit.


I would personally Venmo everyone on the podcast $30 if they read the Revenge of the Sith book and checked back in on how they felt. I know there’s a problems in interpreting a film based on a separate novelization of it, but damn if that book doesn’t make the movie better.

This was a work of art


Yes, Matthew Stover’s novelization of Revenge of the Sith is the canonical third prequel movie in my head. It’s so, so good.


The novelisations for all of the prequel trilogy are good, actually. (As are the ones for the original trilogy but they’re good just in general without having to patch up any rough bits from their films. Including the deleted scenes e.g. Biggs and Luke hanging out at the beginning is good though).

Marin County

My family has been in the Bay long enough that I know I am sworn to only give a kinda vague idea of Marin County. We do not speak anything more about Marin County.

“But where in Marin County?” says someone who just revealed they’re not from the Bay.

“You don’t need to know anything more than Marin County.”

We must never even let people be drawn to Marin County. By the sweet Emperor Norton, we can never let Silicon Valley know about Marin County!

And it’s pronounced mare-in! Yeah, I’m talking to you, Ubisoft!

When I first read the book, I thought Obi-Wan’s explanation to Anakin that even stars die was kinda hokey but I now I get the necessity of that shit forewarning Anakin to move past his mother’s death and get memento mori through his thick skull instead of strangling Padme to death because he wanted her to live forever.


Aw man, Austin just referenced one of my favorite youtubers!

It’s from this video:


All I know about Marin is that BioShock 2s come from there.

I cannot fucking wait to hear Natalie reacting to this: