A More Civilized Age or: How Austin and Rob Made Me Watch 9+ Hours of Bad Star Wars to "Get to the Good Stuff"

Oh, the beginning of the “we owe Ahmed Best a profound apology” tour (he now plays Jedi Master Kelleran Beq)


Quotes from Matthew Stover’s REVENGE OF THE SITH novelization.



This is the quote I keep coming back to anytime the crew wonders aloud why the Jedi are fighting a war: https://twitter.com/rotsnovelbot/status/1360930244799127557?s=20


Are we allowed to jump ahead on this? Because the Neutrality Arc:

Just wanted to drop by the thread real quick to say I’ve been loving the podcast. I was finishing up Season 4 of Clone Wares when the first podcast episode dropped and couldn’t have been more excited. Delivering on the analysis and discussion I crave.

It’s been hilarious pairing A More Civilized Age with the latest season of Story Break where they’re writing the film Jar Jar: A Star Wars Story scene-by-scene. Spoiler alert: It’s actually pretty good

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Just wanted to talk about how much I’m enjoying the podcast here. It’s incredibly refreshing to hear people who love Star Wars talk about the prequels and how bad they are without just trashing or glorifying everything. Being able to enjoy the world and still interestingly talk about why the bad things are bad is a conversation that I haven’t heard anywhere, and I’m thoroughly enjoying the ride.


Yeah, that was one of the big things that drew me into Waypoint to begin with.

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also appreciate having someone like Natalie who hadn’t seen the originals before the newer ones so didn’t have that typical veneration that you tend to expect going in. Was the same with someone like Street Fight Bryan on the Old Republic pod saying Revenge of the Sith was the best one since he never watched Star Wars til he was in his 40s.


The new episode hasn’t dropped yet, but can I just stick my neck out and say that the Jar Jar episode slaps actually?

The new episode has dropped and so has their patreon feed (with a bonus Q+A episode for $5 supporters)


Call me cheap but I’m not swayed on $5 just for a monthly Q&A. Hopefully there’s more content in the works though I’d understand if not as, as the Patreon says, they all have other commitments.

Commitments that include FatT, which I’d be cutting my subscription to to put on this if such a thing came to be. Which is to say, Austin and Ali are getting money out of me either way. Would they like the presumably larger cut from AMCA as it’s only 4 people or should I continue forgetting to listen to Bluff City episodes?

Oh hey they answered my question with a proviso that they’ll maybe revisit again further down the line! Ah, that’s nice. Feel spoiled with 5 hours of this in one day.

A star for each hour, the real way to get a five star runtime.


You can’t argue with length.

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I think it was on the episode they said they’re keeping the commitments pretty low to avoid loading themselves down with work, so they can just consistently deliver. Which is fine by me tbh, because I just wanted to start tossing them money regardless.

I know the real answer is that Jar Jar is a comic relief character who isn’t allowed to die, but he gives kind of “untrained force-sensitive” vibes in every episode he shows up in. Everything that happens in his immediate vicinity is extreme in a way that seems unlikely to be a coincidence. I do wish they could let him have some time where he’s in his element and just being competent, and Bombad Jedi almost gets there with him slipping underwater to escape danger and befriending the giant slug monster, but it would be nice to see a little more respect for Representative Binks. Unfortunately I think it’s established that the other gungans kicked him out because he was always a problem, so the canon explanation is not that he’s an untrained force-sensitive who’s clumsy on land, he’s just Like This.


Oh boy.

Has anyone told you the ‘Jar Jar is a secret Sith’ theory?

A lot of people believe Lucas talking about how, “If we can get Jar Jar to work, it’ll be fantastic.” As code for maybe Jar Jar was SUPPOSED to have a larger role in the ‘phantom menace’ title. Obviously that was wrong, or he scrapped that idea, but artists and writers have been teasing at the fan theory ever since.

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I’ve heard about it, and I can see where it comes from. I like the untrained force-user idea better, there’s enough problems with Jar Jar without making him textually evil.


Yes, agree with you!

I’m glad this podcast recognises what a boss C3PO is throughout the whole thing. He has such good lines and moments. Honestly I think he was the glue that held Bombad Jedi together.