A More Civilized Age or: How Austin and Rob Made Me Watch 9+ Hours of Bad Star Wars to "Get to the Good Stuff"

See, this is the better Star Wars storylines we could have gotten if only they were willing to go to some crazy Twin Peaks places. Not every series can build its entire villain myth arc around a random idea the director has when the set dresser gets locked in a room.


A genuine shout-out to Anthony Daniels for crushing his role as C-3P0 for 45 years

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So, speaking of clones:

So, these dudes are canon still BECAUSE of a special appearance in Clone Wars before this Disney take over. The game itself? Eh, I think it’s considered legends.

Rewatching the beginning of this game, the indoctrination of the clones is such a sad, surreal aspect of Clone Wars. Even in this game, they’re reinforcing, “Hey, you’re more special than these other clones.”

Really curious to see if Bad Batch plays with these ideas more.


The Kaminoan training clones in that intro having a vaguely Australian/New Zealand accent is the best explanation I’ve seen for the clones all sounding like Temuera Morrison.

Edit: My drinking game for this podcast is a shot every time Rob brings up The Courtship of Princess Leia. Those Dathomir arcs are gonna be… a thing.

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Watched episodes 11 and 12 in anticipation for the next pod, and my brain kinda stopped in its tracks when the Bollywood-esque music starts playing in the pirate’s hideout. I found it to be really jarring, unlike the music from the outpost that sounds a bit like The Message that was mentioned a couple of episodes ago.

Episode 12: Damn, Jar Jar got that senator killed huh? Kharrus got up from his seat to strap in Jar Jar and couldn’t get back to his own seat before being shot out of the sky.

To be fair Jar Jar is, in a limited way, directly responsible for the death of unknown billions of people seeing as he triggered the vote to give Palpatine emergency powers which leads directly to the start of the empire. One extra Senator is like spitting into the ocean at that point.


There’s apparently a short in one of the Certain Point of View books that addresses what has been going on with him since he did that.

Jar Jar is the Joe Manchin of the Star Wars universe.

Hey now let’s not get carried away. I actually have empathy for Jar Jar.

Why do you have to hurt Jar Jar like that?

If I’m not allowed to judge a politician for their bad policies, who can I judge?


Some good Clone Wars humor has been popping up in my mentions.

Though, because I’m seeing this series through this new lens, BOY is it weird that Droids are programmed to just BLOW UP.


Which will get you fucked up faster?

  • Drinking every time someone says, “I have a bad feeling about this…”
  • Drinking every time someone says, “With all due respect, ____”

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This Dooku captured arc sucks hard. Jedi and Sith are really this utterly helpless without lightsabers? The pirates’ plan makes no sense, they’re totally non-credible villains. It really undercuts Dooku and the heroes. Nobody leaves these episodes looking good. Even Jar Jar got a senator killed!

The only part I like is Obi-Wan’s final threat to the captain.

How much more of “bad” Clone Wars do we have left?

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I mean there’s bad Clone Wars up to and including the final season, just is less frequent.

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The pirate actor’s performance, as a stock villain, was pretty enjoyable even if the character’s motivations are incoherent. I cannot understand the choice to end Ep11 with ‘Anakin and Obi-Wan swap their drinks, and we see the people they swapped them with pass out’ and starting Ep12 with ‘wow I can’t believe the pirates managed to slip us a poison’ without any explanation of how they got tricked.


I think that actor gets “You’re a pirate, you betray people, go” and just runs with it. One of the most consistently great performances across the Clone Wars-i-verse

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Episode 11 opens with no explanation as to how Anakin first got captured. Is Disney Plus cutting out scenes somehow?

Plus, is this the first space walk in all of Star Wars? I never realized this but I’ve never seen a spacesuit in this entire franchise.

EDIT: I don’t know if this is clear yet, but these are the first episodes to actually make me angry. These were just terrible. It leads me to wonder what about this show was worth one season, let alone seven.

Also, I’ve been trying to place what about the pirates makes me so uncomfortable, beyond their complete incompetence. Is there a racial coding to them? Are they supposed to be the Viet Cong from The Deer Hunter here? I’m getting vibes of yellow peril 19th century “the Chinese cheat at Poker” shit going on.

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