A More Civilized Age or: How Austin and Rob Made Me Watch 9+ Hours of Bad Star Wars to "Get to the Good Stuff"

Yeah, I think the setup of the galaxy at that point actually justifies the “heroes on both sides” framing? That’s part of what keeps drawing people back to the prequel setting, I think, because “heroic character who tragically fails to realise that the flawed old order he dedicated his life to upholding is sliding inevitably toward fascism” is a really good story setup.


Right, imagine a powerhouse American blockbuster telling on itself like that now? I’m sure I would still have my own contentions with Lucas, such as was that Republic and its institutions ever great at all in the first place but hey.

I also think the actual failures on that front are not using the Separatists as a coherent counter balance and them generally being the movie “evil” opposition on screen to progress the plot. My interpretation at this point is that it is perhaps a tale told from the perspective of being inside the heart of empire, hence dodgy tonedeaf deployment of pulp, orientalist tropes (still bad and racist) but then there’s also sort of republicans??

We get no real meat to much of it and it is a mess to be fair. Which ends up making more sense in the Clone Wars (huh pattern there) It is weird that some try to detach all that cleanup from Lucas though who was heavily involved. Seems like the man hates Star Wars more than anyone and was constantly imprisoned creatively by it.


A very important bit of news regarding the forthcoming RotS episode…s:


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A More Civilized Age, or AMCA (ymca?) feels like a return to form to classic Waypoint radio 5-star runtimes, it’s just Star Wars now instead of EVA or like Kingdom Hearts (seriously tho please more lore reasons, Nier seems apt).
Anyway happy to get this gift, hope they have fun with the series going forward and side-note Natalie’s anecdote about blazing through FFXIV at the end of the last one had me rolling, good stuff!


Natalie’s tale of FFXIV time travel was Natalie at her most powerful. It was amazing.


After all these years, Yoda casually knocking out the two red emperor’s guards is still the funniest thing.


The imperial guards are talked up constantly in every non-movie Star Wars fiction and yet are on screen constantly getting their asses busted. Last Jedi at least tried, I guess.


Four and a half hour episode!!

2021 just PEAKED.


Five Star Podcast
Six Star Runtime

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Why do people dislike Solo so much?

To me it’s the best Disney Star War right under Last Jedi.


I mean, I haven’t seen it outside of the first 10 minutes on Netflix and trailers. But it just looks like a porn parody of Star Wars judging from what little I’ve seen.

But hey, it could be good! I’ll never know though.


I haven’t seen it in a while and probably owe it a rewatch, My impression of it the first time around was that it was a serviceable movie but not really discernibly Star Wars. I remember being kinda bored.

Yea, I don’t remember anything of Solo other than Donald Glover being fit.

I think I might rewatch the modern movies tho as I’ve only seen TFA more than once.

The Order 66 discussion is… Interesting. I’ll spoiler the movie I guess just in case but

I get where they’re coming from on how much the Order is a programming code versus just an order that the Clones are willing to follow and the movie definitely seems to lean on the latter but the Clone Wars show arc with Ahsoka definitely says it’s the former, right? You see multiple clones really struggling to follow through on the order and they’re struggling to resist or just full zombified. There’s even the arc before that where Palpatine’s deception is nearly uncovered when a clone discovers a chip or something inside them?
SO which is it? I’m so confused

Anyway, I really enjoyed this episode as expected. I am all in in theory on Natalie’s point that the movie is about these pivotal moments breaking bad by the slimmest of margins even if I’m not sure that the movie is really successful in conveying that. I think the CW show is maybe better at doing that and the aforementioned arc I referenced is one of the key examples of that.

I am a huge fan of the AJP Taylor narrative on Bismarck and Hitler where he argues that they were less Machiavellian geniuses with amazing foresight and more that they just rode the unfolding events with a big mixture of luck and good instincts that really could’ve fallen apart at any moment and I love when a tale conveys that well. I love that idea of Palpatine as being someone with a ton of spinning plates where he only needs some of them to fall in his favour and none of them to directly blow up in his face to succeed. I think the movie does gesture at that and the show elaborates on it much better which tends to be the case.

As an aside a great example of that is one of the books of The Expanse namely the Marco Inaros arc where he’s a master of public image who twists even his failures into a convincing narrative of success and foresight


W/R/T Order 66 I’m pretty sure it became “struggling against programming” to offset the dissonance of Cody and Obi-Wan hanging out just fine for seven seasons’ worth of television and then suddenly Cody tries to murder Obi-Wan.

The cast and first half of Solo is excellent. But it quite literally loses the plot in the second half. I’ve seen that movie a couple times and with a gun to my head could not tell you what happens in the last third. Something with children? Darth Maul is there maybe? And Woody Harrelson either has a very predictable change of heart or a very predictable betrayal.

It’s very clear that they switched directors halfway through. I also hope that they make a stand-alone Lando movie, I need more Donald Glover in a cape.


How about a TV show? Too lazy to Google but it’s on the list.

Solo was perfectly okay, but it’s one of the first Star Wars movies where I had nothing to say about it. It was the MCU-fication of the series, which has positives and negatives. The reason the Sequel trilogy sucks so hard is that it’s obviously groaning under the weight of decades and decades of fan expectations and series legacy, and revisionism and counter-revisionism. Sorry but I DON’T CARE.

At some point Star Wars became the worst Taylor Swift songs, the ones that are all about Taylor and her image and her opinion in the press and nothing else. Maybe at some point there some real message to it, but Taylor can’t just sing about Taylor, and Star Wars can’t just be about Star Wars. It’s exhausting, the argument is exhausting, I hate it. I almost found Episode IX to be a huge relief because the movie was so obviously terrible that the endless online forum wars ceased to matter. We were fighting over this pile of shit?

Who won? Nobody. We’re all losers. Now we can all go fucking home.

Solo meanwhile has a cool train robbery and a really badly-executed but fascinating take on droid liberation. That’s it. There’s a lot I wish was better, there’s a lot I liked, but I’ve barely thought about that movie in the years since it came out, and that’s a relief. I’m still having arguments about The Last Jedi, and I’m soooooooo tired.