A More Civilized Age or: How Tony Gilroy Saved Star Wars

I hate it for Dedra who is gonna have to go to Thanksgiving next season with her awful boyfriend’s awful mom and have to suffer quietly during those vibes.

Pleeeeeeeeease let this happen. I was very much looking forward to Dedra getting quite inadvertently ripped apart by the mob and was disappointed when it didn’t happen. This is a satisfactory alternative, after which they may safely be fired into the sun together.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think no one even laid eyes on Cassian except Brasso, Pegla, Bix, B2, and that one Daughter of Ferrix on the ship? Vel and Cinta believe he’s on-planet because of the increased security, but they never see him. Karn, Dedra, and Mosk never see him. Nurchi only hears about him from Xanwan, but never lays eyes. As far as I remember, despite running around the whole episode without any kind of facial covering, Cassian avoids all the people who are actively looking for him and only reveals himself to those he intended. My boy is Sneak 100.

Also, I think shitbag Perrin is in on the plan somehow. That conversation with Mon in the car is so clearly staged to feed bad intel to the ISB spy driver to provide cover for the missing credits. He probably doesn’t know everything, but the fact that he agreed with Mon’s stance on arranged marriages means he’s not too far gone. Maybe he wants to preserve his hedonistic Coruscant lifestyle that he was willing to have an honest conversation with Mon and cooperate to do the minimum necessary to outmaneuver Davo.

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The conversation was clearly at least half-staged but Perrin seems like the kind of guy who could be swayed with an all-expenses-paid field trip to Canto Bight and not ask too many questions.

Dedra’s actor gave a phenomenal performance of the expression that comes from nearly being torn apart by a righteous mob only to be saved by the man who waited outside her workplace, and from her perspective, perhaps even followed her to another planet. Her whole ‘I feel like I should thank you’ felt like a good mix of a thank you and a ‘… but the terror of my near death is turning into terror that you’re stalking me, so I’m not going to.’

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I think one of the reasons the writing of Andor really hums is that it gives the excellent cast space to cook. Why spend a line on something one of these actors can do with an expression or two?

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The funeral thing doesn’t really bother me cause it seems like a given. He knows his mother passed so of course there would be a funeral, and having grown up on Ferix he would know what that entails. I do have my own one of these with the show though which is that I could never quite square the twist at the prison that its a surprise that they’re being transferred rather than released. Even if a transferred prisoner doesn’t know anyone on the new floor wouldn’t they immediately give up the game regardless? Is there a entirely separate floor/prison thats just transferred prisoners and they just pull this deception the one time and afterwards its clear you’re there forever? idk, its not super important in the end, the thematic weight holds, but I couldn’t help thinking about the logistics of it between eps.

I’m glad I jumped into the thread and started the pod before commenting too cause I totally misread the Mon scene. I thought this was her play to find a different way to explain the missing money and cut out Davo and his offer, placing the banking irregularities at Perrin’s feet; so of course I was thrown by her scene later. The read at the beginning of the pod that the convo was in fact to set up the otherwise odd Davo match makes sense tho.

God was a great show this was though. I was on the edge of my seat, eyes welling for the first two thirds of this ep. The writing has been strong through out, but Marva’s speech was entrancing. Her barely contained guttural read of ‘I’d of been fighting these bastards from the start’ gave me shivers for real.

I’m SO excited that Brasso, Bix, B2, and the very cool Daughter of Ferix made it through are are totally set up to have thier own story line in season two![/spoiler] On Bix’s performance, [spoiler]there is, I think, a pretty common set of writing and performance tropes for character’s who have gone through trauma or torture specifically in fiction. I’m thinking here of like, characters becoming ‘child like’ or going into a whimsical dissociation, almost becoming a new character to how they were portrayed before. I think in this ep, the most time we’ve really spent with Bix since her torture, they did a good job of avoiding or playing down those tropes, Its obvious Bix has gone through a life altering experience, but she still feels like herself; her actions and performance are still informed by her life before the torture in a way that I rarely see.

I also thought it was really interesting that B2 didn’t have any lines in Common before seeing Cassian! He speaks in droid a bit (makes droid noises? I’m not quite up on the lore of droid speak to know), but for a while I was wondering if he was going to have any Common lines at all! Him speaking with Cass at the end makes in clear that this was a choice, I don’t have a huge read on it or anything, but it was an interested detail. Also his ecstatic dancing at the funeral, and just being literally the center of the whole ceremony, was so moving. They did so much with this little guy.

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I had the exact same problem for quite a while! The conclusion I ended up at was that they’re usually thrown into different facilities, specifically different kinds of facilities. Either other types of work prisons, which clearly then need to deal with the fact that every inmate knows they’re not getting out, or just a place for them to rot. That this one was reassigned to Narkina 5, presumably one of the first-timer prisons, was a clerical fuckup.


According to Gilroy Lucasfilm asked for 5 seasons, he said he’d give them 2

Tony Gilroy on Making ‘Andor’ and Why There’ll Never Be More ‘Michael Clayton’ – Rolling Stone

Couple of notes I made as I was listening to AMCA:

Rob talking about Mina’s rituals to get rewards made me wonder if he’d ever read Kafka’s Investigations of a Dog. It’s an incredible and short read.

I laughed about Clem cleaning the CPU coolers. Not even particularly high end ones, but I was charmed.

A lot happens off screen in this show. Marva’s Death, Bix getting caught, Krieger’s team getting killed. It gives such a strong sense of perspective. We as the viewer often have our vision as obscured as the characters do.

The team talking about Yoda being detached because he outlives everyone made me wonder if all other life forms are basically sea monkeys for him.

In a way the finale wasn’t quite as action packed and chaotic as I expected. The funeral being the framework while everyone else was running around the edges gave the whole thing a very firm structure.

When the anvil started early and everyone was caught flat footed, I was all ‘Oooooh, shiiit!’

I’m going to miss this show. But I may do something I have literally never done and just rewatch it straight away.


As regards the prison:

My headcanon is that they were releasing prisoners normally until the new directive came in. That prisoner was the first whose sentence ran out and through a combination of no one knowing what to do and the usual bureaucratic nonsense they accidentally released the prisoner back in another wing which caused the rest, wrongly, to assume there was no getting out and prompted the massacre**


Just a quick word about the post-credits scene:

My understanding was that the Death Star was completed (or largely completed) far later in the process than the five years prior to the beginning of Rogue One, which is where I assume Andor will eventually end. Allowing for the fiddling around getting sufficient kyber to power the superlaser, was this some kind of time jump? If S2 is going to take place over five years of Andor’s life, did the Empire have this multi-septillion battle station just kinda kicking around doing nothing for five years?

The Death Star construction was notoriously always behind schedule. It’s actually hilarious how much so many things delayed them.

Weren’t they only finishing construction during or right before Rogue One? Their head guy ran away for a few years after all.

And even if it seems to be largely assembled it doesn’t mean it’s ready to start popping planets.

to me it doesn’t feel like the timing is off. The plans already existed when Episode 3 happened, I wouldn’t be surprised if production started basically right when the Empire was proclaimed.
What we see in this scene is only the outer hull and some mountings for the superweapon. I bet constructing all the insides takes a whole lot longer than the shell.

Having worked construction I’m sure the 80/20 rule applies as much with Death Stars as home building.

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I think they were never releasing prisoners at this facility because the Death Star project was so important and so secret they needed a genocidal amount of slave labor who could never be allowed to tell their tale.

I just don’t know to answer the question of “why did no one previously raise the alarm” in that case. Unless this one was the first to see out their sentence.

It wouldn’t surprise me if they were being released but with a leash that let the Empire swoop them back up for nothing quickly after.

it’s not like the Empire isn’t good at finding slave labour to do the building.

Given Gilroy’s previous references to Russian and Soviet history, I have to imagine this episode was partly inspired by the Bloody Sunday of 1905.

I also imagine that whenever Syril thinks about Dedra it’s like those scenes in Barry where Barry fantasizes about a crushingly mundane domestic life.


Orbit the camera around it to realize the whole back isn’t there yet.

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What would star wars version of an American suburban hellscape look like?

It’s actually a giant matte painting (plus the floating laser bits) to fool the visiting Emperor into thinking they’re progressing faster than they are