A More Civilized Age or: How Tony Gilroy Saved Star Wars

lmao I jebaited myself again. I sat down to watch the “next” set of Clone Wars episodes, but quickly realized I had already watched them in preparation for the previous pod release (the TTRPG). I’m getting old, man.

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If you have $5…you gotta get into the Patreon. I am sub 5 minutes in and we are already reaching very powerful levels of AMCA.

EDIT: Rewatched Obi-Wan to prepare for the podcast because I’m kind of a masochist.

Going long on Obi-Wan (spoilers)

There’s a restaurant not too far from where I grew up. The food is crazy expensive (and gets 20% more expensive during Parents Weekend at the local colleges) and the food, while never great, has somehow gotten successively worse over the years. But somehow it has great homefries? And if you get breakfast of eggs, ham, and homefries it’s probably the best breakfast you’ll get all week? But they’re rarely, if ever, open for breakfast.

That’s kind of how I feel about Obi-Wan: anytime you get Hayden and Ewan interacting (a whopping two scenes), it’s full breakfast. Occasionally you get some homefries. But otherwise, I’d really rather get lunch somewhere else.

They somehow made Hollywood’s coolest dude Sung Kang uncool. I think Reva’s cool inasmuch as we never really got to see what it looks like for Sith to backstab (…literally) and plot against each other and she does that really well, but, much like Sir Not Appearing In This Picture Grand Inquisitor, she’s a cartoon.

And I’m not really a Movie Guy (catch me in the MCU Phase 5 thread having a pretty good time with Ant-Man lol) but what was going on with the camera? I feel like anytime the action would kick in (particularly anytime the lightsabers come out) it starts to drunkenly flail about as though it was supposed to lend some movement to the action scenes. But, like, if you think your action scenes need that much spice to make them interesting, you need better fight choreography.

I don’t know; give me Tony Gilroy’s Obi-Wan, I guess. Some low-level Imperial functionary doing imported meat inspection finds a “Kenobi” and becomes embroiled in an Inquisitorius intrigue to hunt down Kenobi while Obi-Wan works through his trauma or something.


I still need to listen to the Obi-Wan ep, but I will say that broadly that I am not usually a plot holes in media (ding!) kind of person, but this show is the first time that the construction and editing of scenes and the scripting of certain sequences were so baffling that it took me out of it. I am probably reiterating critiques I made when the show released here. Specifically the things that come to mind, even after having not rewatched this since it released, are the interminably long rooftop parkour sequence and the part where two characters somehow miss each other in those underground tunnels.

So I am excited to listen to how the AMCA crew reacts to what I would consider some very shoddy show-making and the reappearance of one Hayden Christensen.

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EDIT: They got to my criminally-underrated Legends favorite Plagueis.

Hooting and hollering so hard, so damn hard, knowing my boy Jar Jar got laid.

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I realize that the way Star Wars handles Syfo Diaz and Darth Plageus is like straight up X-Files logic. Every time you think they’re close to getting these major questions asked, the writers pull the rug out from under them. Mulder will never solve the alien conspiracy, there’s always another weird wrinkle, and we’ll never know what was happening directly before Episode I.


They’ll get to it eventually and if it’s animated it’ll be 60% as good as you want it to be and if it’s live action, well, let’s hope for 20%.

The moment I saw shadow archetype Yoda shadowed on the rock wall, I could already imagine Natalie saying “We stan a little freak.”

Would’ve loved for Yoda to just turn around and go back to the ship 10 minutes into the second episode. “Basic Hero’s Journey. Mid, this Road of Trials. Done with this crap, I am. Find new tropes for his playbook, Filoni must.”

I do think it’s very funny that Yoda was like “Hey Anakin. You hate rules. You’re going to break one for me and get in a lot of trouble.”

Honestly I’m kind of glad TCW got a Season 7 because this was a soft arc for them to end on (and people who have seen S7 know that season goes hard).

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Season 7 gave us canonical post-punk in Star Wars through a one minute thirty second bit of Huttese “Love Will Tear Us Apart” ersatz and we should be grateful.

You know, been thinking about this whole ghost business, and I realize it’s all backwards. Keeping your identity and form after death is such a Sith thing, you don’t want to let go, you don’t want to be “one with the Force”. It’s a selfish, egotistical, typically massively destructive act. Quests for immortality are typically villain shit for a reason, it’s unnatural. Jedis should be passive, accepting of their place in the balance. Palpatine should be out here fighting against inevitability, not Yoda.

But then again, Jedis are not about “balance” by any means, they search for serenity and peace not for their own ends, but as tools of control. They are not peaceful, they desire power and violence to keep their power. Yoda here shows us again, that the Jedi and Sith really are two sides of one coin.


Watching that “Crystal Crisis on Utapau” unfinished vid on YouTube and it’s very funny to see how they don’t add in certain animations until later on. Everybody’s on roller skates.

Anyone got a sense for how crucial Dark Disciple is going to be? Not sure I have time to read a 300 page book for a podcast.

Just finished Son of Dathomir and man have the stakes never felt lower. They immediately went for capturing Dooku and Grievous and threatening to kill them but since their fates in Ep3 are already known, there’s no tension at all. If they didn’t dive straight in for the big known players, they could have spent more time exploring less covered stories. Like how tf Brother Viscus managed to 1v1 Dooku and live.

The Wikipedia page has a plot summary of it. It’s certainly a book with words in it. Natalie’s going to lose her mind.