A New earthworm Jim game Announced!

Tommy Tallarico announces new Earthworm Jim game with original team, exclusive to Intellivision Amico.

Too bad Doug Tennaple is a homophobic, transphobic, very racist, bigotted person.
Bob the Goldfish and Professor Monkey for a Head are supposed to be him making fun of the theory of evolution for example.


Doug Tennaple is genuinely one of the worst human beings alive and I’m mad not more people are aware of it. I hope this game bombs.


First things first, fuck Doug Tennaple into the ground.

Second, Earthworm Jim was an art style in search of a competent game.


This game is exclusive to Intellivision Amico so Yeah, it will bomb

They somehow have to get over the fact that Earthworm Jim is not incredibly popular, AND that a lot of people who are aware of it find the creator repugnant. Intellivision has LESS than a handful of people who will want to play this game, so yeah, this ain’t gonna go well.

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yeah lol i was only able to remember this game when i learned of the dude being a shithead n im sure im not the only one

I mean, the art style is TenNapel’s work, so.

If the goal of this was to get me to know that the intellivision amico is a thing that exists, I guess that worked. I’m not any more inclined to want one than before I found that out though, so.

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