A new name for Video Games

Inspired by @innesmck on Twitter who made this point:

the term “video game” has permanently fucked our medium and if we’d just picked something without the word “game” in it we’d have way less of a fight in building an expansive and interesting field https://t.co/VKxJ8oo7xP

So what are some good alternate names for Video Games?


My first thought is Interactive Media but it’s a little clunky and doesn’t really get to the heart of what separates a video game from, say, a DVD menu.


My first thought was “interactive entertainment”

Since I love puns and portmanteaus: intertainment?


My mom had it right when she called all video games “Nintendo”. Playstation 4? Nintendo. Dave and Busters Arcade Room? Nintendo. Interactive art piece at the local museum? You better believe that’s a Nintendo.


we should rename them :b:️ideo :b:️ames thanks for coming to my :b:️ed :b:️alk


I don’t understand why “game” couldn’t be satisfactory. Does the word “game” truly hinder the ability to build an “expansive and interesting field?” Personally, I think, such an open-ended term encourages a broader notion of what the medium may hold.


i invite u & games acedemia to draw upon this historical summit:



Ahhh, console video games (or vidcons as I call them), the ultimate medium of expression, able to convey any emotion ranging from hatred to love, loyalty to fear, all in front of our eyes. Ah, and with lovingly crafted art, music, and the ability to control the action, vidcons are the ultimate combination of the high arts. While I tend to play the stoic, I will be the first to admit that vidcons have driven me to cry, to scream and shout, to feel actual hate; such is the power of this force beyond our wildest reckoning. And here I am, before you, to tempt your tongues with the taint of such a tantalizing topic. And the Japanese, the true geniuses behind the world of video games. Pah, I throw my scorn upon such incompetents of the West who would mock the true art of the Japanese with ‘games’ such as Baldur’s Gate and Madden. Perhaps it is that the West is not as intelligent as the East, but this is a matter for another day. Japan has given us such masterpieces as the Final Fantasy series, Star Ocean, Wild Arms, and of course, Arc the Lad. Yes, some of the finest vidcons in the world were created by Japanese. I come to you today to ask you in all earnesty, what is your favorite vidcon? I will reveal mine after the grand debate has illustriously begun, but not before the first poster falls victim to my plot of discussion.


What are you oldies on about? Haven’t been no “video games” in years.

They’re apps. Y’know, things you run on a modern computer - an app. What else would they be called?



They’re not apps unless they’re half price on Tuesdays with a drink purchase!





But they are also electronic. So: E-intertainment.

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Interactive Button Screens

On second thought that acronym isnt very good


Directly Inter-Active Responsive Recreations of Heightened Open Ended Activities?

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The biggest qualm is that “game” has connotations historically with analog and board games and the kinds of systems that can represent games. (see: Half-Real by Jesper Juul.) Many experimental games don’t fit into this “classic game model”, and there is an underlying current in game criticism about the kinds of systems in games that are better, essentially equating “good” with “more-game-like.” I’m fine with the term “game”, but I recognize some problems with the term

I actually really like “interactivities” lmao

Also Systematic Emergent eXperiences


the inties?

“You’re gonna be a star kid, we’ll putcha in the inties! You’ll have the hottest developers askin’ ya to voice their space marines, SEEEEE”

and then you’ll have indie inties as well, which is sort of fun to say.

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Either that or just buy all media outlets and refer to them as something ridiculous like Graham Waldhorn.

“Want to know about the best Graham Waldhorns for XBOX and PlayStation this year? See inside!”

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Take the Ludo prefix and the “ies” suffix and call em Ludies.

Game critics are now Ludocrits.


Video James


Terrible Idea:
Ex Manibus “From Hands”
“Hey friend, let’s play some Ex Manibus”
“Sure thing friend, my favorite Ex Manibus is MarioKart Double Dash”