A Perfect Score in this Darts Game Briefly Became My Gaming Everest

So many arrows, so many 140s. Which made me think about the challenges that we’re all chasing in our playtime.

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No gold run in Spelunky. I’ve played 100+ hours and gotten every other achievement, but that one still eludes me.

My gaming Everest for a bit was trying to beat every course in Outrun on the 3DS. Even after unlocking the upgrades not in the original I’d just play on a normal car. After beating that I moved over to my Genesis cart, my Saturn import, the Cannonball remake. I’m just saying I like Outrun.

one day I am going to beat nethack.

My Everest is finishing xenoblade chronicles. People keep telling me it’s amazing but I’m 20 hours in and just can’t focus on it. I’m down for XC2 though.

For me it was my Shields Only and Broken Sword Runs of Dark Souls The First. Hell yeah, I climbed Everest twice, baybee.

Shields run I did very soon after I finished the game for the first time, and I didn’t exactly do so having become a master of the combat as much as I became a master of equipment balancing and using every possible way of making the game easier(which turns out makes the game really god damn easy), so it was a bit of a departure to say the least. I got stuck at Ornstein and Smough way harder than I did the first time I fought them. Broken Sword run I started years later, only to end up dropping it when I hit the 4 kings and Artorias. I came back years later and finished it, so technically I was stuck on those two bosses for literally years. Both those runs felt HELLA good to finish and I love the characters I ended up making for them.

I guess my current similar situation is my SL1 run of DS3, stuck on Oceiros. I’ll return one day, but I’m still holding off playing more DS3 until I’m certain it’s not coming to Switch, whereupon I will cry for a while then go back to my PC version.

I’m so impressed by all of the different ways that Mike Diver and I have led similar lives in gaming, because I’ve done stuff like this all of my life. For me, as of recent, my everest has been landing a 900 degree spin in Thrasher: Skate and Destroy for the PlayStation. I’ve got 720s down, and I’m fairly sure that I’ve actually completed the rotations before, but just couldn’t roll away from it.
Actually, come to think of it, a lot of those sorts of games have presented their own personal "everest"s for me. I still haven’t landed a triple backflip in either of the Dave Mirra’s Freestyle BMX games despite probably hours of trying, the 1260 evaded me for a while when I was like 13 playing the original skate on the XBOX 360.

Probably the biggest that I remember was getting 300-yards rushing in one game in ESPN NFL 2K5 for the PS2, I was maybe 12 or 13 at the time. I struggled with that game for a long time but I eventually got it done in one franchise mode with the Ravens against the Cleveland Browns. I think there were only about 30 seconds left in the game, I had the ball at around midfield, had racked up about 260 yards already, and ran for a 45 yard touchdown to end the game off. I think the game gave you a trophy for it (like, a little trophy that went in the virtual trophy room in your virtual house, this was way before the PSN trophies)