A Petition To Let Socks Say What He Thinks About Sekiro


Hello Fellow Waypointaneers,

On a recent episode of Waypoint Radio, we witnessed a MAJOR injustice occur. Natalie Watson, Austin Walker, and Patrick Klepek were discussing the upcoming From Software action game Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, also known as One-Armed Wolf: Do Shadows Die Twice? Around 45 minutes into the episode, Socks, the greatly underappreciated staff member at Waypoint and Natalie Watson’s dog, began to vocalize his feelings on the game. Immediately, the staff began to not only ignore him but cut to a break and faded out into music. The baby boy with the good ears was cut short. Socks Was Silenced.

This episode of Waypoint Radio was NOT NUMBERED, meaning Waypoint KNOWS what it did. What kind of world do we live in where Socks, a magnificent angel that walks among us, is not even given the time to speak his mind? They Silenced Him. Socks, America’s Sweetheart, the Perfect Boy. Silenced. Let Him Speak. His voice is valuable, his mind is beautiful, and he is good. I plead for Waypoint to allow Socks, the best dog, to SPEAK HIS MIND on this NEW COMPUTER GAME.

Let Socks Speak.


vehemently, concerned forum user and friend of dogs





My disappointment at this gross indignity against such a fine and gentle boy knows no bounds.



One time I was playing Halo at a friend’s house when his good little doggo Dewey came up to me. She nudged my right hand (still in gamer position in the controller) for what I assumed was to get me to pet her. What instead resulted was her pushing on my index finder to depress the trigger, thereby letting off a perfect headshot on the jackal that would have had me dead to rights in its sniper scope. Even without opposable thumbs, she managed to save the Master Chief’s bacon.



Socks was going to say some deep spoilers. You gotta watch out for that.


how much you want to bet that his only real take about the game is going to be, that it’s a bit “rough”?


I think he’d also say the game is “chewy”.


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