A Podcast of Too Many Games: 'Days Gone,' Boxboy, Mortal Kombat, More!

Everything is interconnected, really. Frasier. St. Elsewhere. Friends. The Apocalyptic zombie-infested wasteland of Days Gone. Wait, really? Maybe. We spend a solid hour of Waypoint Radio talking about Sony Bend’s first big game, on which many large hopes and dreams were hung, but the finished product just doesn’t deliver. Elsewhere (but not St. Elsewhere), we touch on the missed marks of Katana Zero, the delightful puzzling of Boxboy + Boxgirl, and some campy workplace hell in Yuppie Psycho.

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FYI Forager is coming to Switch “Q2 2019”.

Hopefully sooner rather than later!

Day’s Gone sounds like a bummer, and not in the like “mm i’m going to sip some tea and get into a real bummer.” More like “ugh what a bummer I feel gross now.” Speaking of a 90’s renaissance I am going to start saying bummer all the time.

Keep up the good work.

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the only 90s aesthetic I will accept is ska music so jot that down


I just want to point out that it was prometheus lens and not coldheart that was broken in d2, leading to lasertag weekend when it was on Xur. This matters to probably no one but me.


“We need to move past the Drive soundtrack.”

I refuse.


There’s a lot here this week!

Was there some kind of controversy or significant negative sentiment around The Last of Us? Felt like they were suggesting maybe there was, but I don’t remember hearing anything. (For my part, I thought it was okay, but I never finished it and I should probably go give it another shot someday.)

Seems like a lot of people feel this way about Days Gone. Never like hearing that a game turned out so-so this way. There are just too many great games out there to justify spending my time on “so-so”.

Also, how come body shaming is the last bastion of prejudice for a lot of otherwise progressive, thoughtful people? As soon as I hear an otherwise progressive piece is going to randomly veer into joking about fat people, I’m pretty much done with it.

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who the fuck is scraeming “We need to move past the Drive soundtrack” at my house. show yourself, coward. i will never move past the Drive soundtrack.


[synthwave intensifies]


Oh also, hell yeah Jacqui Briggs, my muy thai darling, so glad Danielle gave a shoutout!

When Austin started goofing on the idea of the biker’s code being that he only killed people with water, that sounded amazing to me.

What if a game procedurally determined your protagonist’s code. State of Decay but everyone has strict, arbitrary rules they abide by that are randomly assigned. A world full of protagonists who live by their individual special codes.


A shame to hear about katana zero imo too. Was actually pretty excited about that one after a few previews, but a lot of places that I trust have been pretty whatever on the game. Tbh I don’t really think mine and Austin’s gameplay likes are actually all that lined up tbh, so I think I’ll still keep tabs on it since it will probably be pretty cheap on a sale, and odds are on a mechanical level ill probably still have fun with it.

That being said, I had completely spaced that SteamWorld quest was out. When Patrick said “if you aren’t sold on cards…” I was like Patrick, say no more, I’m always sold on cards. Have a few games left on my plate, but will def pick up quest next.


Waypoint is the Frasier of Giant Bomb

You’re welcome.


You’re not getting away that easy. Now we gotta assign characters to Waypoint hosts.

Glad to hear I’m not the only one who cried during the MK11 story mode.

Katana Zero is actually pretty damn awesome from what I’ve played. Like sure, it’s an established aesthetic but I don’t think anything about this game is macho posturing. It’s pretty clear from the start you’re being played by bigger forces, the world is wrong, and it’s only getting wrong-er. If you needed a Jacob’s Ladder video game that’s also hyperviolent because video games, this might be what you’re looking for.



Seconded. Katana Zero is good, actually.

I’m not entirely a coward, I just haven’t watched Frasier since like it was on TV and I have no recollection of what the characters are really like.