A Pressing Arcane Kids Mystery

Welcome. You are here because you’ve been selected as part of a crack team of researchers/indie game enthusiasts who might know what I’m talking about

The game: Perfect Stride. https://youtu.be/_P-kin9liFc?t=2m14s

The question: Can you help me find the song that’s playing in the linked clip (starting around the 2:14 mark)?

This game was only available as a Kickstarter reward for the now-defunct LA Game Space. The game’s “soundtrack” was actually a Soundcloud playlist that ran in your browser as you played. THE PROBLEM is the former track two of this wonderful playlist (featured in the video) has now DISAPPEARED from Soundcloud! (Link here to the current version of the playlist) Does anyone happen to have this file or at least know the artist/track name? I would be eternally grateful!

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Holy shit, it worked! Thank you so much! Truly magical - the song, and your assistance.

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