A Slow Start to 2018 Video Games Is Finally Letting Me Enjoy 2017's

Here are the games I’ve played in 2018: Assassin’s Creed Origins, Gorogoa, Life is Strange: Before the Storm, Horizon: Zero Dawn’s The Frozen Wilds DLC. The common theme? Every single one was released in 2017. I’m finally getting a chance to breathe and revisit the games from the last year I simply ran out of time to spend time with in 2017.

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Doing the same with checking out Tacoma, Stream world 2, and finishing up Mario and Hollow knight side stuff.

I was hoping to catch up on a thing or two from 2017 (Tales of Berseria, Blue Reflection) before Dragon Ball/Monster Hunter but it turns out Xenoblade 2 is a long game.

Was also hoping to pick up Yakuza 0 but I legitimately haven’t seen a copy of that game anywhere in months. Which, I mean… good for them if that game is still selling out at full price a year after release.

Was just going to post this. I had a break from the Switch over Christmas and have just gone back to this. It’s only been two weeks but man I have forgotten EVERYTHING and I know my plans to get Never Stop Sneakin’ and Steamworld Heist are weeks away now.

Ye gods and little fishes, it’s not even two weeks into 2018 yet! Do folks usually expect to be neck-deep in new games that quickly? D:

In terms of teams like Waypoint, they only ever have time for a few games to really dig deep in so there will be time where they are catching up for games they missed.

No, I mean the whole framing of “the only reason we have this breathing room is because 2018 is starting off slow”.

Same. I love AC but am still playing Origins. There’s not a single big game in Jan or Feb I’m interested in which is nice. There’s still a couple 2015 & 2016 games in my backlog.

Well that kinda true if your not into the small releases and the big games like Monster hunter are at the end of the month.

This is how I feel every January about games, music, movies, everything. It lasts until I get obsessed with some new thing for about a month, by which time more stuff has come out and I’m behind again. Best Of season just reminds you of everything you missed.

Trying to stay on top of it and balance catching up on what I missed with staying on the lookout for new stuff. Finally got a Switch so I’m just now digging into Odyssey and BotW. Just played Universal Paperclips and Ladykiller in a Bind as well, two titles I heard about and found interesting last year but didn’t set aside time for. Waiting for sales on plenty more of those, Yakuza 0 as mentioned above is foremost in the queue.

Would be nice if 2018 is just the tail end of The Long 2017, games-wise at least.

[extremely Emperor Palpatine voice] Goooooooood.

Either we or the devs will find ways to get Patrick to play Hollow knight.

Oh man, Darkest Dungeon now coming out on Switch this month. If Hollow Knight makes it then this is actually turning into a hectic month for me with Sneakin’ (EU release this month). Xenoblade might have to be shelved.

Been a good time to play some of that long list of 2017 games other people reccomended but I haven’t been able to try yet.
The only downside is, no one I know is really interested in talking about older games, it’s the hot take syndrome in reverse.

So far, finished Prey which I loved, gotten to a point in Pyre where the gameplay is becoming a slog so I stopped, and just started Night in the Woods. Had that moment where you, as an anthropomorphic cat, just casually walk by a normal cat…it’s the Goofy walking his dog paradox! I would totally freak out if there were tiny naked humans traipsing around!

Sharing this with others who’ve already played NITW earned me a collective shrug.

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I’m picking up Street Fighter V again in anticipation of the huge new update. I havent played tha tsince the launch windo. But man my backlog is ridiculous now.

I have become much better at not buying ALL of the games on steam and yet at christmas I got Dead Cells as a gift, pluss a $70 gift card on steam so I bought a ton of cheap games on sale. Now I dont know how to hold all these games!

…I should really finish Yakuza 0.

I’ve been steadily working through Assassin’s Creed Origins and Yakuza 0 but it’s all over when Monster Hunter World comes out

I mean, we’re not even two weeks into the new year, ahaha. But I tend to agree, now it is the time, more than ever, to go through that backlog. For me personally, the first game I’ll probably purchase this year will be Dragon Quest Builders when it comes to the Switch in February. I don’t think there’s a way for me to finish my 2017 backlog in time for that because I’m still on holidays and having tons of free time, I just rely on a multiplayer with replayability, and this time, just like last summer, it’s Splatoon 2. I’m addicted again, while the backlog, although not necessarily growing, is not decreasing either :frowning:

BTW, Waypoint, this is my first reply here! What a cool little community you are! Hi everyone!


Hello! I’m not super active here but the folks are really nice.

Anyway, I actually bought a bunch of 2016 games this week (Titanfall 2, Hitman, DiRT 4 being the only outlier) and have had a lot of fun with the puzzle-like qualities of Hitman. Titanfall 2 I’m actually playing for the campaign (PS+ kinda seems like a waste to pay for when I don’t play much competitive online)

I’m looking into getting Night in the Woods next month and start Yakuza 0 in a bit since Danika’s enthusiasm for that game on Twitter has spurred me to finally give it a shot.


Because I’m not beholden to any one deadline mandated by any authority to finalize my personal 2017 GOTY list, I’ve been spending this month to finish games that I’m still considering for my own rankings!

Games I beat this January:
Little Nightmares
Life is Strange: Before the Storm
The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (thankfully i spent more than half of my total playtime in december!)
Little Red Lie

I was planning on playing Hollow Knight as well, but after booting it up on my crappy non-gaming laptop and playing for about 10 minutes, I just had to stop. Couldn’t deal with the framerate, the input lag, the choppy audio, and the long loading times. Couldn’t find a way to bump down the visuals to improve performance, so I just resigned myself to waiting on the Switch port and it not being included in my list!

It was going to be my 30th 2017 game, so to round out that number, I’m replacing Hollow Knight with The Letter, which I’m happy to have discovered as being made by Filipinos!


I played well over 100 games last year and I could barely count 10 of them that actually came out last year (whoever said there’s no games on Xbox didn’t know what they were talking about).
Anyway, I finally bought a PS4 in December so I’ve got a solid 4 year backlog to start 2018 with. Loving Horizon: Zero Dawn so far and looking forward to playing Uncharted 3, 4 & Lost Legacy. I’ll pick up Hellblade, Nier & Pyre if there’s a decent sale on and the mood hits. Have to make time for Bloodborne too.
… Or I’ll just end up playing PUBG til I get that elusive chicken dinner.