A Slow Start to 2018 Video Games Is Finally Letting Me Enjoy 2017's


I have lot’s of games to catch up on from 2017. AC: Origins, Night in the Woods, Yakuza 0 and probably a bunch of other games. But I am kind of interested in how 2018 will be when it comes to games. Will the trend of there being way to many good games continue? Im also curious to see what happens to Japanese games this year since we had a period in early 2017 that had way to many superb games from japan.


I just finished Pyre and that was amazing!

To start I am actually going back to 2016 to play XCOM 2 which I still haven’t had a chance to play. I am really excited about that.

I will then start working on playing Assassin’s Creed Origins, maybe go back to Zelda and maybe finally get around to playing Life is Strange. I have also been playing Everybody’s Golf and that has been surprisingly quite enjoyable no matter how weird it is at times.


I’m gonna finish dragon age inquisition

oh twenty-seventeen



I know the feeling! The last week I’ve been playing




Finally a chance to catch up on those good recent games.

Next up: Infamous First Light…

4 years is, like, pretty recent :sweat_smile:


I played through Middle-earth: Shadow of War and am now playing Gravity Rush 2. Plan on playing Hidden Agenda and Persona 5 next.


More people should play Gorgoa. it was like 5 years in the making, finally came out, was amazing, and made unfairly small ripples. Coming out so late in the year did it no justice for GotY potential.


Imagine if the game had’ve waited a couple weeks and released the second week of Jan. All the attention it would be getting!