A World of Tanks

Anybody else play here?

Currently making my way through the E50 line, at the Panther right now. Im actually having a lot of fun with it despite the fact that it does not fit the meta even slightly. I have always been that player that sits back a bit so I reckon it fits my playstyle pretty well.

Not really sure how to feel about the recent artillery changes. I really hate that they nerfed the ELC so much though. That thing was a fucking go kart and it was super fun to play.

I play World of Warships from time to time, though I’m only up to t6 in American cruisers, t5 in the rest of American ships, t4 in American carriers, t3 in Japanese cruisers and DDs, and t3 in French cruisers. So not super far at all, haha. It’s a fun pick-up-and-play game

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Warships is fun, I like that its a lot slower paced than Tanks is. should play it more probably.

the referral program is super good in WOWS fwiw and definitely removes a ton of the grind for earlier tiers

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