Aaron Rodgers believes in ancient aliens and it is driving me up the wall


So starting at the 11:15 mark of this podcast, Aaron Rodgers, the scourge of NFC North, details his belief in ancient aliens, and describes a UFO sighting that he apparently had. https://soundcloud.com/youmadeitweird/aaron-rodgers-1

Aaron Rodgers, the loathsome Aaron Rodgers, the franchise star who is the the two in the one-two punch of Favre-Rodgers that has made being a Vikings fan unbearable for the past two decades, believes in aliens.

Step dads believe in Aliens. Crackpot side mission characters in Rockstar games believe in Aliens.

People who have systematically, year after year, siphoned away your ability to enjoy football, and therefore identify with your peers Do NOT believe in Aliens!

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In 2019, of the conspiracies he could believe in, it could be A LOT worse.


As a Cavs fan, believe me when I tell you that you will get over this. If I could weather the Flat earth Kyrie Irving shit you can get through this. I believe in you, buddy.

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belief that aliens exist somewhere? sure, that’s fine. belief in a UFO sighting? kinda quirky and a little silly, but harmless. belief in ancient aliens? ridiculous – and I think considered kinda racist too? like, in that it attempts to “explain” how ancient non-European civilizations could have accomplished things greater than or equal to ancient European civilizations.


The whole ancient aliens thing is defo SUPER racist. My father in law watches the History Channel tv show all the time, and every episode’s thesis is basically “these non-white people certainly weren’t capable enough to make this big monument, so aliens probably helped them.” It often involves totally misinterpreting beliefs of living religions too. They never seem to even think of asking practitioners of these religions what their myths and beliefs mean.

Ancient aliens might seem harmless compared to other conspiracy theories, but there’s some pretty insidious assumptions lying just beneath the surface.


The only way to watch ancient aliens:

That said, is Aaron approaching it like he believes it, or does he just enjoy it? For example, I LOVE Ghost Adventures with Zak Bagans, and it also can be incredibly problematic… But I approach it from a standpoint of ‘it’s so bad it’s funny.’

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To be fair, there are some Science Channel shows now where British or American professors make a bunch of the local population drag giant stones across the desert to prove that people could do it. It certainly isn’t incredibly condescending or anything.


Yikes! Maybe a lot of “science” is just repackaged colonialism? Who can say.