'Abermore' Is an Almost-Great Bad Game

Abermore, a recently released independent immersive sim built by a handful of developers, is, by most metrics touted by consumers, corporations, and critics alike, not a very good video game. It is a technical nightmare, with see-through floors, inescapable ventilation systems, and visible but functionally non-existent glass through which you can grab valuables which have clearly spawned in the incorrect orientation. The game's mechanics, too, are just a bit off. Servants, guards, and even security matrices are inconsistent and, for the most part, totally unaware—thanks to the game’s extremely binary stealth system. But, for fleeting moments, all of this melts away and Abermore, along with the city of its namesake, sings in a rasping, tired, and beautiful voice.

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Abermore sure seems cool and I imagine at some point I’m going to really enjoy watching a video on it by someone like ThorHighHeels.

Also ‘The Unhanged Man’ is a really good name that I will for sure be using in a tabletop of some kind.


Hoping maybe this will be like Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines in that eventually some fan patches will come out to make it the game it should have been. Longshot, but it’s happened before.

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