Abe's Selective Solidarity in Oddworld's Revolution


Even in a lighthearted fantasy, a liberalizing movement produces a disappointing victory.

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Abe “forgets” to liberate them, Cameron don’t even put a picture of elum in an article about them.


I played (and adored) Oddysee near its release, and I have zero memory of the Elums. I had to look them up in the wiki, and I still don’t remember them… though the part about using bees kinda rings a bell.


The elums are totally the Yoshis of Oddworld, in that you essentially use them to achieve a high jump by kicking them into the proverbial pit. It would have been really cool to free your elums into a bird portal; it was always so sad to me that they just get left behind, separated from you by a ton of bombs or a huge gap and howling sadly.

I’ll always love the Oddworld games, though, even if their message isn’t perfect and I can see that the tribal imagery is pretty stanky now that I’m a little older and wiser. When I was younger, I was very drawn in by the dark and weird aesthetic, the cinematic platforming gameplay, the ability to free slaves, help animals and screw over “the man”, and I didn’t think about much else.