Absolver School: Way of the Point

I’ve decided to start this thread to float the idea of starting a Waypoint school in the game Absolver which is out on the 29th for PS4 and PC (I will be on PS4). I’ve watched a bunch of streams and it does look super cool. I’m not entirely sure how the school mechanic works but as far as I can tell it lets players group up and share different moves so they can learn from each other to form their own style. Would any of the Waypointeers in here like to discuss the idea?


If I can find time to play it I’d definitely be down.

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I’d not seen this game; it looks interesting! The graphic style is very Endless Legend to me. I’m not sure if I’ll be available to play this, but I hope it’s enjoyed!

P.S. If there’s any in-game clan system (although it doesn’t seem like there is, except potentially in the combat trials?), the mod team would like to reiterate and remind folks of our Community Clans & Guilds policy.


Yeah, it looks cool. Hopefully some Waypointeers will want to play.

In my mind I was excited for this, but when I saw more gameplay over the last few days I decided it wasn’t for me. The combat might be fun, but it also seems to be all there is, all the time, in very similar looking environments.

There is almost a relief sometimes, when you realise you aren’t interested in a new game. No worries about money, time or want.

I watched the IGN first 24 minutes video of Absolver and had my initial interest definitely confirmed by that. Seems like a lot of fun between improving your move-set and getting better with the mechanics. I love how fluid the movement seems. So, however this might end up working, I really like the idea of a Waypoint school. If we find a way I’d be eager to participate!

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I already preordered this, so I’m in! I’ll be on PC though.

Maybe you can set up a school for the PC duders on here?

I’m gonna try and build a fight deck that combines the drunken and capoeira styles in the game so I can go all mad monkey kung fu.

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Are we enough people to have a PS4 AND a PC one?

So, seems like the way schools work is that it’s not so much a clan in the traditional sense, it’s a way for a player to put their deck of sweet moves out there for others to use and learn. There doesn’t seem to be any in-game communication at all outside of emotes and of course the language of beating the hell out of someone.

Think of it as a competitive fighting game (meaning you probably shouldn’t come to this for the PvE, at least not right now) with Journey-like incidental multiplayer in addition to formalized arena fights. You can meet up with friends to spar (and I plan to), but it’s assumed that you’ll be using outside tools like Discord or PSN party chat to communicate and coordinate.

Incidentally, it looks like they plan on supporting PC and PS4 cross-play, just not at launch. Small team, focused development priorities.

I think it looks rad and I look forward to playing it.

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It doesn’t really need to be a large group tbh.

Yeah sure, I’ll see what I can do. On release, I’ll try to be on the Waypoint Discord to coordinate if there are any other PC players so there’s no redundancy.

It’s fight night baaaybeee! Now I’m on the hunt for Drunken Fist and Capoeira fighters so that I can learn there moves o build my hybrid Drunken Monkey style.

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Just snapped up the preorder last minute for that soundtrack. Considering that I’m surrounded by Bionicle I feel it would be some sort of betreyal to not pick this up you know? Not that I wasn’t already sold by the Dark Souls Meets God Hand pitch.

Am gonny batter youse.

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Mon then. Square goes.

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Hey, out of curiosity, did you get this going? I am planning on checking out the game in the next couple of days and am wondering what it’s like to set up a school.

Setting up a school requires one person to become Pro, basically. Beat a whole lot of people. So I’m guessing whoever becomes a Master Of Fists first will get to proclaim themselves The Waypoint Warrior.

So we’ll see how that goes I guess.

Yeah, also it’s worth waiting till you have your deck exactly the way you want it.

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Here is my character. I call him Anon the Laughing Frog.


I am very very very very very bad at this game. I think I like it?