Absolver School: Way of the Point


I am shaunh22 on PS4 for anybody who wants to fight\train!


“The Danielle Riendeau” if I may be so bold.


shit I am excited for this! I just loaded it up and chose a fight style. Gonna break outta my comfort zone and go with the tank style. I love how basic the intro cinematic is. Can’t wait to get started.


Maybe it’s just because it’s the first day of playing but had a nice experience where I lost a fight in PvP & the opponent revived me & bowed before going on their marry way. I hope the community tries to encourage respect & positivity in PvP even when you annihilate your opponent unlike every in other PvP environment I’ve been in.


FWIW, deeper into Dark Souls I have had really positive duel experiences, with people who are playing the game at that point for the duels alone. If this attracts that crowd, I hope we get more of that.


im Mo_swordz on psn if anyone wants to absolve


That’s always how I’ve been going about it. Offer the Come At Me Yo gesture and if they stay I start a fight and revive them if I win. Most people just pass on by, though considering how early on I’m hanging around they probably don’t feel that confident in their skills.


That’s been my experiance so far. Even in the PvP duels a lot of people bow at the start of every round.


Seriously? Dang, I haven’t respectfully bowed at the beginning of fights since Blade Symphony. Yeah, I think I’m falling in love with this game. It just had to have the pièce de résistance of an Austin Wintory soundtrack.


Laced Records just announced that pre-orders for the vinyl pressing of the soundtrack are up. But the most important thing about this is RZA contributed to the soundtrack?!?! How did nobody tell me that before?

(update on my skills: Still very very very bad)


I had no idea the RZA was involved!


Jesus Christ, Austin Wintory and the RZA?! Alright, everyone working on what they think is a deep, meaningful, and necessary documentary about the development challenges of some humdrum AAA game drop what your doing because I want to know extensively how this collaboration came about.

For a track that isn’t on my Steam version of the soundtrack? The Hell?!




So maybe it’s just me being bad at the game but navigating the area feels really frustrating. I keep getting lost & more often than not end up going to an area where I really don’t feel like I’m leveled properly. Is this just me?


Nah, this happened to me in the harbor area. Besides getting lost repeatedly in the residential area, I found access points to two or three other areas, but ended up going to the one that dumps you out right next to a coliseum with a boss. That felt right to me, so that was the path I stuck with.

In this way, I feel the Dark Souls roots, but unlike Dark Souls, the art style is too basic to communicate transitions very effectively. I’m sure it’s a limitation of the budget.


I know everybody is really busy with other games (as I am) but I intend to get back to this soon with all the updates.



Did you ever get back into Absolver? I bounced off it at first, but with the new expansion I dove back in and have become hooked. Mind you, I’m terrible at the game, but I think once I get a few more moves under my belt, I’ll be halfway decent sooner or later.

Would love to join a Waypoint school if it’s still around. :slight_smile:


It never even started.

What I’m saying is this is the post where we really need to start a Waypoint school.


“Hi teacher, my family just moved here from out of town, and my mommy just enrolled me into this school. I’m looking forward to a great year!” :school:

(sign me up as well)


Yeah, this didn’t really get off the ground. But once Destiny nolonger has its hooks in me I really want to jump back into this and check out all the updates.