Absolver School: Way of the Point


Same here. Finally found one of the NPC teachers and joined the School of Stagger Style which feels like a breath of fresh air & is fun as heck. Bummed it took me so long to find a style that I actually really enjoyed. I really like the Mines cause it no longer has the weird server things going on with areas where sometimes there is no AI or just getting harassed by high level player characters.

I don’t know if they changed the menus but I had no idea you could repair equipment. I can’t seem to remember how to change my move set though. I want to play this more cause it finally feels like the exact thing I had wanted.


I’m very much considering a jump back into Absolver too. It was great before but it seems they’ve somehow made it even better


Ah, gotcha. Well, I’d be happy to take the initiative to get this rolling, though I have a feeling I may be one of the lower level players here. Maybe you, or @Jonny_Anonymous, or @Moom is above level 34? I’m also fighting Kahlt Method, which works for me now but I’m eager to try other styles.


I’d recommend it, especially if we get this school off the ground.


Stagger Style does look extremely fun. Is it very complicated to play, or is that just the animations tricking me? I’ve been reading up a bit about the Faejin Style and it’s apparently difficult to play without a bit of experience. Love the idea of their being a sort of “master” style.

As far as changing your move set, it’s all in the meditation menu. Go to your “combat deck” selection, hit “practice”, and then from there you can choose to edit the deck itself. Not really intuitive, is it? Once you’re in there, though, it’s all pretty straightforward.


I found it to be very easy to play. The quick dodge is really nice because you automatically do an attack right after dodging left or right which can be a great way to get cheep shots in during a fight. If you are interested the AI teacher can be found by the colosseum. I don’t have the words to really describe how to get there cause navigating in the game is terrible but it’s def worth looking into.


If you want to take the initiative then go for it! Its been a wile since I’ve touched it so I feel like I would to relearn a bunch of stuff anyway.