Acceptable Forum Standards for Anime Discussion

I am not a moderator nor an admin nor anyone special but I figure this is a good topic to discuss for serious for a minute, since it is A Thing that is important for a functional forum. anime discussions can go to shit really quickly if you let certain things slide and I have seen the subject banned wholesale on certain other forums after it slid too far. there are negative stereotypes about anime fans for a reason.

personally, I’m pro-“no advocating piracy”, pro-“no being creepy or being a devil’s advocate over creepiness, mostly with regard to underage characters but really re: gender and sexuality in general”, and pro-“Sword Art Online is bad” as community law


Figure I’ll give this one single bump since the forums were only a couple hours old when I made this thread.

That seems pretty reasonable to me. The discord has similar rules

We’re discussing the final shape our rules will take, but most of what we feel is important to the community should curtail common pitfalls of anime discussion.

We will definitely take this into account!