Accepting that you suck at a particular game


I got the first and second endings of Hollow Knight and spent like three hours of my life in platforming hell (the White Palace). I love that game very much, but am not super interested in investing another however many hours into getting better gear for the third ending, or the Grimm stuff. Honestly, most of my enjoyment of that game was in the exploring, and I have the whole map now, so having JUST more combat and grinding left just doesn’t motivate me.

A tangential thing, though, is I don’t know what counts as ‘sucking’, I guess. Like, is silver/gold in LoL “bad”? It’s statistically average, probably in actuality above average since a sizable part of the player base doesn’t do ranked at all. Most of the player base thinks silver/gold is trash, though. How many people got the third ending in Hollow Knight – based on Steam achievements, 9.7% of people who own it. I mean, only 14.4% got the first ending and 9.7% got the second.

If we’re putting, like, top 5% to 10% of the player-base as “good”, I’m bad at most games, probably. I also don’t enjoy competitive play at all – even besides the fact that I’m not very good at most competitive games, interacting with strangers who are also gamers is the opposite of my idea of fun.

I don’t know, I guess the point is, it’s fine if something just isn’t for you, but also, our definitions of skill are also probably skewed.


Rogue-likes. I mean real, honest-to-God, Rogue-ass, ASCII Rogue-likes like NetHack, ADOM, and well, Rogue. I get way too invested in a good run to just say “Oops, I tried to carry a cockatrice corpse down some stairs and I tripped and now I’m just a shattered stone statue at the bottom of a staircase. Time to start completely over!”


I have no yomi. Any competitive game where you’re predicting what another human is going to do with a small set of options is a game I am trash at. Street Fighter and Mario Tennis are the two series that i have accepted defeat if someone challenges me to them. I can do similar games like Smash or Tekken because the greater amount of options let me be more creative, but its a no when it comes to rock paper scissors games.