Account Alterations (e.g. Name Changes, Account Deletion, &c)

Hey, folks!

The forum community moderators have noticed an increase in folks requesting name changes, account deletions, and other assorted items with their Waypoint forum accounts. In order to collate these, we felt it best to put together a thread in which people could ask about these services or request them. Rather than tying it to an existing thread (and thereby bumping old issues), we can use this one-stop shop to ensure that matters are resolved and there is a clarity of purpose with the thread.

We have a limited amount of powers through the forum software, so we can’t do too much with your account, but we’re happy to do what we can or look into going further if needed.

In short: just let us know! We understand that some folks may prefer to handle this matter privately; you can reach out to either an individual member of the mod team or the mod team in general (you can find out how to do this through our Forum Rules & Community Guidelines – but I’m sure you’ve read those already, right?) by DM if you’d prefer.


Hello, can my username be changed, please?


i don’t want to change my name but this is a placeholder in case kojipro gets mad at me


I’m pretty sure this just puts on record your intent to imitate but we got your back if you need it

i mean uh. if they get mad at me, hideo kojima, for uh posting company secrets, on this website,


Could I get a name change to FarewellRuins

This has been processed!

Could I have my name changed to jaebird?

This has been processed!

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Can I have my name changed to EXWeis? :slight_smile:

No problem, the name change has been taken care of :+1:

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Could I have my name changed to BernardKromwall? Por favor.

But your name is BernardKromwall…

(Actioned :white_check_mark:)

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I’d love to get a name change to FMTownsParty!

Request granted :+1:

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Could I get a name change to Esseyem, please?

Turns out a lot of places aren’t into 14-character usernames and I’m striving for some form of consistency.

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Can my name be slightly modified to SloQlap?

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@Esseyem & @SloQlap: :white_check_mark:


Can my name be changed to Jharkins