Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown

Anybody else really excited about the prospect of flying over Strangereal again?

I mean don’t get me wrong, Infinity had some cool stuff hidden under the F2P structure, and Assault Horizon was… interesting. But man, it will be good to slip back into the role of a faceless pilot accidentally spelling out an anti-war message with contrails with a weirdly complex political backdrop.

I’m also excited about the fact we seem to be getting into early COFFIN days and might be headed for a remake of Electrosphere.


Very hype. I really like that they seem to be headed back to the old style of storytelling and what we have seen so far looks absolutely gorgeous.

Also, I am so down for an Electrosphere remake. Give me some crazy future nonsense planes.

Here is the most recent trailer for anybody who hasn’t seen it:

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I’m so very, very into the idea of a new game. I still hold up Ace Combat 5 as having one of the most interesting and complex stories of its era, as well as a tone that feels so spot on, and going back to that setting might be just what they need.
Over the course of a few games you got to know that world and the characters in its political history really well (even as obfuscated as they tried to keep it) and as cool as flying under the real Golden Gate Bridge in the real San Francisco might be, it’s not nearly as cool as flying directly down the barrel of a massive supergun in a world where that totally exists.

As for an Electrosphere remake - that would be incredible considering no one outside of Japan ever got the see that game anywhere near how it was intended.


I believe they said that the writer of 4 and 5 is doing 7, so that bodes well.


I hope we get some of those branching paths again. 6 was serviceable but the disparate story threads meant I was really just replaying to get the unlocks and hear the chatter. I got a bit invested the first couple of times but I got tired of dancing with the angels.

I sometimes imagine how much funnier the script of 6 would be if the mom told the dad to screw himself instead of dance with the angels.


Considering that Keiki Kobayashi is back composing this game, that they’re finally going back to the fictional world of strangereal and they’re going for a classic gameplay instead of the one introduced in Assault Horizon, I’d say I couldn’t be more excited even if I tried.


Ace Combat 4/5/Zero are some of my favorite games of all time. The idea of taking real world fighter jets and have them go head-to-head with bombastic superweapons that looked ripped out of anime just hit that spot for me back in the PS2 days.

I was excited when it was announced that the series was returning to Strangereal when the trailer hit at last year’s PSX.

I am super excited for this, too. It’d be great to get to see a proper continuation of 4, 5, and Zero! Seeing Stonehenge again on that first trailer really brought me back.

I’d also love to see us actually make it to the Electrosphere part of the Strangereal universe in this console generation, too.

I liked Ace Combat a lot when it was at its best. It reminded me a lot of how I used to feel playing the old Wing Commander games. Actiony rather than simulation-y, and with a feeling that the missions were properly connected to the story.

The last couple haven’t really hit for me, but y’know I might be ready to give it another chance.

I feel this is going to be the perfect Ace Combat to come back to. The previous generation was a lot of missteps to connect to a wider audience for the japanese industry but I think the overall gaming landscape today makes it ripe for Ace Combat to come back to its usual form. At least, the trailer gives me some (good) AC5 vibes :wink:

Ace Combat Infinity was a good try though, even though the F2P model didn’t really connect with me.

Ace Combat 0 is one of the most memorable games I’ve played. Best, albeit very sparse, use of FMV I’ve seen in a game that isn’t just good ironically. Those spanish guitar duels are so good. I can watch the opening video to Ace Combat 0 for the rest of my life.


Full disclosure: I had the stupid ridiculous flight stick from the special edition of 6 and playing with that may have greatly enhanced my feelings towards that game.

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I hope any game they bring back has the lock on mechanic from 6 where you could lead your targets to fire with an actual firing solution instead of missiles just trailing after enemies.

Jet airplanes are great. Anti-war messaging is great. Keiki Kobayashi is great. 4 & 5 are great. I can only hope this is most excellent.

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very psyched to have a true Ace Combat title on the PC this time around. Can’t wait.

Can anyone fill us in on how this connects to previous series? I’ve been all over the place with the series but the country names ring a bell. Don’t know anything beyond that.

I freaking love Ace Combat and I’m excited for more goofy superweapons and ham-handed political thrills

We don’t know a ton about specifics, but in terms of countries, AC7 is taking place in a war between Erusea, the country you fought against in Ace Combat 4, and Osea, which was the country you fought for during most of Ace Combat 5.

Bad news, aces.

According to the official Facebook page, the real ease of 7 has been pushed back to 2018. I’m bummed, personally, but it seems like a good sign that the developers are being trusted to spend more time on development and that this will be more than a quick cash-in.

In a world where we’ve not had a classic anime-ass Metal Gear iin 7 years I am so excited for Ace Combat to return and carry the torch. Ace Combat 6 is the only game I’ve played and I loved it, I’ve got the PS2 games somewhere and I’m definitely gonna go back before 7.