Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown


Bummer about the delay but at least it’s not cancled.
I read middling reviews of 6 so I never picked it up but everyone here is talking about it really positively. Should I try to grab it?


6 is fun! The story is lower quality but it’s 100% an Ace Combat game with the swelling music and huge fights. I actually really enjoy the combined arms mechanic, especially when I can have the Navy just obliterate land based forces.


Ive always been in favor of a delay that makes the game better.



Sign me up for a pilot/AWACS love story!


This is the Round Table. Dead men’s words have no meaning.


but can we date the mechanic


Well, she’s out of my league…


E3 trailer has been posted by Gamespot.

I’ve been waiting for this anime ass anti-war shit with jet airplanes for so long I’m so excited. Also Princes Rosa Cosette D’elise is a great name.


That is one HELL of a trailer.


I’m hyped!!!


These trailers are really bringing me back to my constant excitement over any content that came out prior to AC5 and AC Zero!


my body continues to be ready


This game looks like it’s going to deliver everything I want. Bummer about the wait but I trust the team to put a ton of polish on the game with that added time.


They seem to feature the F-104 pretty heavily in that trailer, if it can be used in-game im never using anything else.


The F-104 is kind of an unusual choice, I wonder if it will be the starting plane or if there’s some sort of justification.


The earlier games started with aircraft from around that era, i.e the Phantom 2 and the Mig-21. Probably one of the choices as a starter plane.

I hope you can upgrade them like in 5, that was one of the better aspects of that game.


I have played like 4 hours of this series but i’m incredibly excited for AC7 after watching nine-gear-crow’s excellent lps!


Some ancient LP of 4 with zero commentary actually convinced me to go out and buy a PS2. I’ll need to track these down, I haven’t seen anything with more modern production values.


Here they are!