Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown


They’re bringing back the corny AC5 vibe, I’m loving this.

In terms of production the PS2 trilogy was ahead of everything at the time I feel. It was so well put. ACZERO : This music playing when the declaration of peace was signed when war was still being waged is still a highlight of the series

The time was just so right for Bamco, they had an insane CGI department and the best team of videogame composers to grace this planet AND they had an acute sense of theatrics. It was glorious.

It’s time for AC7 to make a great comeback, there’s no doubt in my mind they could achieve the sales of the PS2 trilogy if everything is done right


Gameplay from E3!

This looks pretty good to me, although it’s had most of the story stuff stripped off, including, it appears, the plane list. No mater, here are some things I picked up on:

  • FLARES! Which is a pretty neat addition, finally we’ll have an option besides ECM pods.
  • Character portraits: They’re a nice way to let you distinguish central characters from the chatter, and I like the static images more than the live feeds in 6.

*The cloud mechanics look fun, and the water on the canopy looks fantastic.


Fuck cars, those jets look nice!


Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t Mage Squadron one of the squads you fight alongside in Shattered Skies?


A quick consultation of the wikies isn’t turning up any hits, although Zero has both a Wizard and Sorcerer squadron as adversaries.


I am officially excited to the maximum level. The stark blue sky and 3D clouds with different effects to your cockpit and controls is awesome, and the music is taking me back to the Ace Combat 4 days

Staying too long in the clouds creates icing on the canopy :scream:


The icing looks awesome! I hope the chase cam will feature a similar effect, otherwise I’ll only ever play from the Cockpit. Which is my preferred spot anyways, but still, it’s nice to peep those high poly models.


Ace Combat 7 will have the soundtrack by Keiki Kobayashi and a style of 2D/3D cinematics apparently, kinda like merging AC4 and 5. Though it seems it will probably not target 60fps on a base PS4.

It’s a return to form for Bandai Namco and the game really does look great, here’s hoping Nakanishi, Nakatsuru & Okubo will also come back as composers


The AC7 story reminded me there is a recent release of Ace Combat 3 Electrosphere fan-translation. The western release has seen a cut of more than half of its content and story so this translation from the original japanese version is a godsend.

I highly recommend every AC fan to not sleep on it, it has a lot of things that made the series what it is today, it is even more surprising in some areas. Here’s a link.


Oh god, going through the clouds and getting raindrops on your cockpit. I’m very excited to see more of what they’ve done with the graphics this time around. The trouble with flight games is that you’re always in the sky and very far away from everything so there’s very little environmental detail, so I hope they’ve found some cool ways to make the world visually interesting.


This trailer has what we’re all here for: GEOPOLITICS!

And also some lasers, glimpses at additional aircraft, and a glimpse of something new and white. Ya know, if you’re into that sort of thing.


Hmm that almost looked like a drone FALKEN…I wonder.


It’s SO good, I’m shook. Can’t believe we’re finally getting our good old geopolitics with a zest of melodrama and bombastic music back.


I’m pretty hype for some of this topography too. Looking forward to negotiating between those limestone spires and bombed out Farbanti.


btw when this thread first popped up it made me buy ace combat 4 again.
it is, a very good video game. the framing is so good, that dang melancholy gets me good.


I like cannot fathom how that the original games haven’t gotten an HD remaster or remake yet.



I have no clue how difficult that would be to bring to market from a technical perspective, but there’s certainly a market there, at least in Japan.

I guess AHL was kind of a remaster, but I hope they aren’t looking to a 3DS release to figure out what the demand on consoles would be.


Absolutely. It wasn’t so much about war than it was about the people living it. I wanted to know what happened to them, even in a very personal story like AC4. It was about the people, what they felt, their struggle to retake their homeland. It made everything so much more engaging.

Then, they decided to throw it all away, all that fictional world they crafted, to go back to real-life and to spend hours mauling Iraqis with a machine gun in the most disgusting framing of all. A complete shame in every aspect is what it was.

Ace Combat 7 is more than just the next entry of Ace Combat, it’s a second chance I’m willing to give to see if they have the maturity and the intelligence they used to have for the making of the game. I know they do, and they still have the best composers around to make it as beautiful as it’ll ever be.

It has been a setback of 10 years, but now is the time to welcome the series back.


Things I want but will probably not get from Ace Combat any time soon:

  1. A hardcover of the complete history of Strangereal .
  2. HD remasters of the original games.
  3. Explanation as to the whereabouts of every playable pilot after their stories concluded.
  4. Pilots faces.


When I was a kid I loved Ace Combat 4 and 5 to death. They got me into flight sims and made me want to be a pilot for a while even. Sadly it never happened, but Ace Combat 7 is bringing the love of that series back and I’m so so SO excited for it!