Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown


Anybody want to speculate about the tail numbers having the white paintslashes over them?


I think the paint slashes are supposed to signal to other pilots that pilot or squads rejection of the county. Either they are going to be the rival squadron who conspire against the protagonist, the protagonist & their friends themselves taking up a more “vigilante” roll in the war somewhat like Razgriz, or a squad/pilot kind of like Pixie who defect but similar to my previous idea reject the orders of the military but still believe in serving the country like a “vigilante”.

I hope i didnt just ruin the entire story for us.


Razgriz got a whole new paintjob though, a couple strokes of the paint roller are a bit less inspiring.

My feeling is that the player will “go rogue” at some point. It crops up enough in the trailer that I’m almost certain it has to be a player aircraft, especially since it’s shown on few different airframes.

Part of me is hoping it could be that the player joins some sort of resurgent AWNB, especially since the implementation of their vaguely anarchist views could lead to the sort of power vacuum that would let Neucom and GR become as prominent as they seem to be in Electrosphere… but that’s pretty far-fetched.


New Gameplay! Worse weather, more drones, and some hardcore weaving. We’re talking baskets!


Looks even better than I imagined, it’s incredible


Aerial maneuvers are happening, no QTE.


Are those turns even possible?


Yeah, but they’re super difficult and not every plane can do them. Here’s some real SU-35’s doing that Cobra manuver from the end:


I am shook right now. This is so exciting.

Edit: Doing those moves in real life must be hell for a pilots body.


I’m glad Ace Combat is coming back. I’m beyond ready. The clouds and environments in particular look gorgeous. Can’t wait to tune them all out until i can see and hear nothing but the targeting system and lock tone.

Now if only they could do the same for Ridge Racer.


Nah, not really. The Cobra is possible, but turning that into a a full flip would surely lead to a stall. Still looks really cool!


VR ! Seems like the game takes a huge graphical hit in this mode though, the clouds doesn’t seem volumetric, much less solid.


I never played any of the previous titles. I’m really excited for this. I feel like the hype is pretty um lowkey? I don’t think we have a release date yet right?


It’s more a group of enthusiasts but the PS2 trilogy sold around 10 millions so they used to have good scores. It’s just that the downward slope of the unfortunate PS360 generation put a damper to everyone’s expectations. More people are getting excited about the good news AC7 is throwing at us. There is no release date yet, I expect mid-2017.

I wish there was a remaster of AC4-5-0 because they are so good, you should definitely check it out if you ever have the chance to do so.


I think I’d like to get out my PS2 and try out AC04 again. I remember it being quite a delightful game, and story, at the time.


The graphics will be a little dated and some of the UI/button layout choices aren’t as good as in AC 5 or later, but you’ll almost certainly have a good time.


Yellow 13 is still my favorite rivalry in an AC game although I never played Zero & that one sounds super good.


Sad news: Infinity will be shot down in March. As a thank you though, they put out this retrospective for the game set to a nice jazzy rendition of So Far To Go from 4.


Very good track


It’s been announced that Ace Combat 7 won’t be showing up at E3 this year, which is a bummer, and odd since it’s supposed to be out later this year.

In another news, I happened upon this, which might make sense to some of the folks in this thread if it makes sense to anyone: