Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown


I am trying not to turn into Chicken Little, but the lack of any news on AC7 is worrying me a little bit.


Yeah, I wish I had some metrics about how well Infinity and AH did, but it’s deffo concerning.


I’m just worried that AC7 is getting turned into VR only, or something like that.


Looks like we were the victims of some “Distraction and Deception!”

New trailer, it’s got me excited for the story they’re gonna tell:


So I have never played an Ace Combat game but I am massively excited for this. I’ve heard the games story is pretty MGSesq and if so thats extremely my cup of tea.

Is there a primer or summary I can watch or read?


Ace Combat 7 is set in Strangereal, their recurring setting. 1-3 were basically retconned into being in Strangereal, and then 4-6 were set there explicitly… and it 's really kind of excessively complicated, between the space lasers and railgun planetary defense networks and the asteroids and rogue artificial intelligences…

Yeah, it’s pretty MGSy. Unfortunately, the only videos I’m aware of that summarizes is is fairly poorly recorded and hard to listen to: But basically, the Cold War lead to a series of super insane battles involving increasingly crazy superweapons because of politics.


There’s way less content than in MGS, so it’s actually comparatively straightforward!

There are a couple primers on Youtube but I’ve never watched them, but between those and either Acepedia or Electrosphere you should be able to soak up a lot of the background.

Fortunately each of the games is pretty self-contained so you don’t need to worry about having every single detail to understand what’s going on.

Broadstrokes though, with the exception of one of the mobile games, Infinity, and Assault Horizon, the games all take place on a version of Earth fans have taken to calling Strangereal. Some of the continents and landforms are ones you’d recognize, and some of the oceans even have the same names. But the geopolitical landscape is entirely different.

The two big events that shaped the world happened in the 1990’s: The Belkan War and the Uylsses1994X04 Impact. The Belkan war was an attempt at expansion by a nationalistic state that’s reminiscent of Germany and saw it quickly overrun neighboring states before being pushed back by an international coalition that was spearheaded by the Osean Federation and the Union of Yuktobanian Republics. Osea is a US analogue, and Yuktobania is based on the USSR.

A mercenary air squadron, the Galm Team was responsible for many of the strategic victories over the Belkans, and the rapid reversal lead to Belkan high command nuking a series of cities to blunt an allied advance. This was the first use of nuclear weapons in history, and they were deployed mainly against Belka’s own civilian population. This shocking act failed to cause more than a mild delay, but it did lead to mass desertions on all sides and the formation of numerous terrorist groups.

Many of those groups included ace pilots from the allied nations, and Belkan weapons experts who were involved in the creation of advanced aircraft and super weapons like huge flying fortresses and the Sword of Excalibur, a powerful laser array. The most prominent of these groups called themselves A World With No Boundaries, and developed an anarchist ethos that saw the peace talks underway as futile and ineffective at preventing future conflict. They gained access to a secret ICBM silo and attempted to destroy every world capital simultaneously to reset society to “zero.” They were defeated, but many members escaped prosecution.

A purely Belkan group also went to ground, and formed a shadowy organization called The Grey Men. Their sole goal was vengeance, and they were very patient in their attempts to achieve it.

Around the same time, on the continent of Usea, numerous nations were planning to join together to create a continent spanning government to better counter super powers like Osea and Yuktobania. Unfortunately, significant elements from some nations in the South were opposed to the union, and were able to find sympathetic conservatives in the militaries of most other nations on the continent. They organized simultaneous coup de’tas on the morning of the signing ceremony. Mercenary air units and allied central government forces led a counterattack which quelled the rebellions, although they did in the end prevent unification. Instead the Usean Treaty Organization was founded to coordinate work between the continent’s governments.

As the war had raged, the rest of the world had been preparing for the arrival of Ulysses, an asteroid detected on a collision course for Earth in 1994. Many Belkan scientists found their services in high demand as countries scrambled to develop systems to defend against the asteroid.

Numerous railguns were constructed around the world, as were systems designed to redirect fragments away from populated areas. Rapidly built at the end of the Usean Continental war, a system known as “Stonehenge” was constructed in San Salvacion, a tiny nation with no standing military. Stonehenge consisted of a ring of high powered railguns with an unobstructed view of the sky right in the middle of the Usean continent, each paired with highly accurate targeting and tracking systems.

Stonehenge’s unique design wound up being particularly well suited to protecting against Ulysses, which wound up breaking apart as it entered the atmosphere. As a result, fragments rained down across the world, hitting many areas outside of the coverage of systems designed to prevent a single world ending event instead of numerous smaller impacts.

Among the hardest hit were areas that fell outside of Stonehenge’s cover in Usea, and the country of Estovokia, a small state on the Anean continent north of Yuktobania.

Erusea, one of the most powerful states on Usea, suffered a direct hit to hits capital city, rendering much of its downtown a flooded area with ruined skyscrapers poking out of the waves. In the wake of the impact, a fascist government took hold, and began closing its borders to refugees from other, worse afflicted areas despite UTO membership obligating it to do so. In response, widespread boycotts and sanctions by other Usean powers crippled the Erusean economy.

Backed into a corner, Erusea launched an all-out assault on the rest of the continent, seizing Stonehenge right away to establish almost continent wide air superiority in the first week. The militaries of the other UTO states reorganized into the Independent States Allied Forces, and ironically found themselves pushed back to the islands which had held the last holdout of the rebel forces just a few years before.

From there, thanks in large part to the efforts of the pilot Mobeius 1, the ISAF slowly re-established a foothold on the continent proper. The turning point came after a daring raid on Stonehenge where ISAF forces not only destroyed the installation, but also managed to shoot down a member of the now legendary Yellow Squadron, a seemingly invincible Erusean unit.

Eventually the Erusean capital fell, although holdouts would try to use the Megalith installation to redirect orbiting asteroid fragments towards ISAF units, and later capture a number of arms factories. Both attempts were foiled thanks largely to to Mobeius 1, and by the end of 2006 the continent was at peace.

That peace was largely global, although a mild cold war between Osea and Yuktobania did keep the arms industry innovating.

By the end of 2010, however, a series of incursions by drones and unmarked aircraft into both Osean and Yuktobanian airspace brought both countries to the brink of war. Yuktobania eventually declared war and launched a surprise attack on a key Osean harbor.

Both countries deployed super weapons in the opening days of the war. Yuktobania’s Hrimfaxi class super submarines were capable of launching sky-clearing burst missiles and deploying air forces from entirely unexpected locations. In response, Osea weaponized the Arkbird, a spaceplane originally built to host a G7 conference about bringing the world’s nations into the space age. The Arkbird’s global reach and powerful laser made it a capable counter to the Hrimfaxi. However, shortly after neutralizing the submarine, an explosive knocked the laser out of commission.

The leaders of both nations sought an end to the bloodshed, and plans were made to have a secret peace conference in the neutral country of North Point. Unfortunately, both disappeared en-route, which the second-in-command of both countries saw as reason to continue the war.

War Dog Squadron, a unit that had still been in training but saw action in the war’s opening days, made a name for itself in short order, but was accused of committing a war crime by attacking an engineering college shortly after Osean forces began their invasion of the Yuktobanian mainland. Recalled and put on trial, the War Dogs redeemed themselves after being sent to counter one of two retaliatory terrorist strikes on Osean civilians carried out by Yuktobanian commando units.

The squadron was sent back to the front, became something of a good luck charm for ground forces. Their reputation was furthered bolstered after they were sent to the arctic Razgriz Straits north of Anea to sink a second Hrmfaxi class sub. They became known as the Demons of Razgriz after their success, a name taken from a fairytale about a creature said to live in the straits but present whenever history undergoes a great change.

This unit would engage in numerous key battles and tipped the tide of the war in Osea’s favor, and were subsequently tasked with a flyover during a speech at a football stadium by the Vice-President. The VP’s speech was interrupted first by the gathered crowd, who broke out singing a pro-peace protest song, and by a Yuktobanian air unit attempting a decapitating strike.

Upon returning to their home base, the War Dog squadron was charged with treason and shot down while attempting to flee in trainer aircraft.

Shortly after that, a flight of black aircraft began making surgical strikes against both Yuktobanian and Osean forces. Bearing markings that labeled them the Razgriz Squadron, this mysterious unit engaged secret squadrons composed of Belkan aces that both Osea and Yuktobania had formed, and conducted operations in Belkan territory near the country’s uranium mines and the site of their nuclear strikes. They also engaged the Arkbird as it fell from orbit while in the hands of a terrorist organization.

They also played a key part in supporting a student uprising against the Yuktobanian government and were present on the aircraft carrier Kestrel when both the President and Premier re-emerged and denounced the Grey Men, a Belkan group that had installed itself in the governments of both nations and built up a sizeable military force of its own through ownership of Gründer Industries, Osea’s main military supplier.

Their announcement lead to a brief set of blue-on-blue engagements as Osean and Yuktobanian forces both dealt with competing orders from their commanders-in chief and the politicians they had been following for months.

In the end, Razgriz lead a combined Osean-Yuktobanian force on a secret tunnel running beneath the borders of Osea and Belka. They managed to destroy the control center for the SOLG, a massive orbital railgun Osea had abandoned building after the end of the Belkan War but which the Grey Men had completed in secret. Destruction of the control module led to the satellite being set on a collision course for Oured, the Osean capital. Razgriz managed to prevent the city’s destruction and also shoot down a final squadron of Grey Man fighters. What happened to them afterwards was classified.

Around 2015, Estovakia the country to which the Razgriz Straits belonged, emerged from a long asteroid precipitated civil war, with a militant faction victorious. They invaded their neighbors to the east, the Republic of Emmeria, and hoped to seize the prosperous nation’s resources for their own. They were eventually beaten back after initial success brought on by the use of Belkan technology in the form of a powerful flying fortress.

They engaged in a scorched earth policy in the final days of the war, attempting to use the Chandelier facility, a massive anti-asteroid railgun that had not been completed in time to prevent a disaster. A fairly short but devastating regional conflict, the Anean War also saw ancient artifacts and sloganizing play an unusually large part in enhancing the Emmerian fighting spirit.

In the 2020s, the technologically advanced nation of Aureilia in the south of the Osean continent was invaded by Leasath to the north on a pretense of promoting civil war in the neighboring nation. I don’t know much more about what happens there though, because it’s covered in a game that only came out on the PSP.

Ace Combat 7 will cover events in the mid 2020’s, I believe. It seems that at some point Osea built a space elevator, but that Erusea, which became a monarchy at some point after their defeats in the aughts, claims the land used for it as their own.

Ace Combat 3 actually takes place in the 2040’s, and involves AI and transhumanist terrorists, but the story was never translated for the versions released outside of Japan so that plot is also mysterious, although Gründer Industries becomes one of the world spanning corporations in the story.


I glossed over all the character interactions (particularly in 0 and 4 which have the best storytelling and the most coherent plots) but that’s generally what’s happened. You might want to hunt down some Let’s Plays for more detail.

There’s also a non-canon game for like, the N-Gage, and Assault Horizon which takes place in the real world. Infinity takes place in something akin to the real world, but with the same asteroid impact as in Strange Real creating similiar conditions and the construction of super weapons in real world locations. There’s also a weird mobile game about an insurance magnate trying to take over the world that might be a prequel to infinity but I’m not sure.


Jesus mate , thanks for the write up, much appreciated.

This has got me even more excited. It sounds crazy


Just gonna say (as it already has on Twitter) that is the best line opener on a trailer of all time. Those 40 seconds of lead up were worth it.

Also I am 12 years old.


wow, i only played 5 and that was with my brother when i was pretty young, but this series sounds way more anime than i remember it being. i think i might need to check these out.


If you can get your hands on a Japanese copy of 3 it’s literally anime, but those are hard to come by and play.


Yeah this series is super anime. The voice acting is endearing and terrible at the same time.

Here’s a mission where you fly up to near space to shoot down a giant space/nuke carrying spaceship. Later, you shoot down a railgun carrying satellite. These fights are so much fun. Here’s the link.


Went back and looked at some of the gameplay footage from last E3, the player gets addressed as “Trigger” in those too, but they’re not Spare 15, they’re Mage 2. Seems like you won’t start the game in jail.


Can you hear me?


Was it me or were there some familiar super weapons in that there trailer?


I just want to say that I had no knowledge of this series till I started reading this thread about 2 months ago. And man am I excited now - this seems like a wild ride


Good god, I’m beyond excited now. January can’t come soon enough.


Sure seems like it!


Oh god that was a good trailer