Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown


I’ve never played one of these games, that trailer has me so excited! Is it worth playing any of the older ones to get a primer here or just dive in with this one?


legit almost cried at this trailer

i am, as far as i can tell, the world’s biggest ace combat fan and it feels like i’ve been given life. Been playing these games since I was 7 years old, and i was worried i’d never get to play one again after what a travesty 6 was, but 7 looks to fix every problem i had and bring me back to the 4-5-0 holy trinity of PS2 games.

AC has always been a bit of a mirror to MGS in that they both explore things like political ideals, the question of nationalism’s importance, and comradary in battle. MGS1-4 did all that but V felt lacking in that area, and the trailers of AC7 have been pushing those aspects REAL hard which makes me excited.

also Keiki Kobayashi is a musical legend when it comes to video game music as far as i’m concerned, and composed my actual, without hyperboly, faovrite game track of all time.

edit: i already geeked out on this thread a year ago today apparently, whoops


If you can swing it, definitely try to play four and five, which this game is clearly leaning heavily on (there’s a weapon in the trailer that’s a p r e t t y big deal in AC4 that you wouldn’t know about if you haven’t played it). Also they’re really good so…there’s that. All the nations mentioned in the trailer are also introduced in detail in 4 and 5.

I’d also play Zero if you can. I listed it separately because it might not be as important as the other two games, although I have theories on who that old man might be which are connected to having played Zero. They’re all on the PS2. 1-3 may as well be their own canon, though, so you can skip those. Skip 6 because it’s not canon to Strangereal in any way (also it’s awful).


Wait are we really gonna call AC6 bad when Assault Horizon exists?

I mean, I think it was missing good characters but I think there’s plenty there worth experiencing.


@bugseye i honestly might be mixing them up, i haven’t thought about this series in a long time. you’re probably right.


AC6 was set in Emmeria, AH wasn’t in Strangereal.

If you meant to speak ill about AH, please go on ahead. I will help! That game sucked on a number of levels.


then yeah it was AH, lol it was the worst, hoo boy. Music was good tho.


Awesome thanks very much, I’ll try and check them out!


I didn’t even bother with Assault Horizon after playing the demo and realizing it had StarFox controls.


There’s a couple pieces of new gameplay footage out now. There seem to be two versions of the demo, one with only a few planes and the Plane Tree grayed out, and this one which has an expanded list. This gameplay also has somebody with some experience holding the controller.

This video also shows that the F-22, YF-23, and F-35 are all included. Likewise, there’s three different F-15 variants, including the J, a Japanese two-seat version. Looks like there’s a bunch of features from Infinity that will be implemented in plane progression, including equipment.

The F-18’s armament options include an EML, which was the plane mounted rail gun from Fires of Liberation.

There’s also a few plot point spoilers contained within, most notably that the player has been convicted of killing a former president.


It’s still one of the best games I’ve ever played :slight_smile:


So I’m curious but I know that some game companies pay gun manufacturers or work some sort of deal to be able to include them in their games like CoD & Battlefield. Does anyone know if Namco is paying Lockheed, Ratheon etc to include their planes & missiles or do those fall under public domain somehow?

Regarding the gameplay I’m glad that 6 games in and I still feel like Ace Combat missions can feel unique & different. I’m really excited.


I know that most of the previous games have licensed at least some of the real world aircraft that show up. Fires of Liberation featured their logos in the startup screens.

I haven’t seen anything about that for this game, but I imagine anything featuring an accurate cockpit view would at the least be licensed.

I don’t know if they HAVE to do that, particularly since F-15 and the like are government indicators, not manufacture’s names. But they probably will.


Special edition announced including a 40cm wide figurine of the Arsenal Bird!


That’s a figurine I can have at my desk & not feel embarrassed about that’s for sure.

Unless my model plane making grandpa shows up somehow.


Happy Ace Combat 7 is finally out day. May the sky’s be clear for you on this day.


I really want to get this game because the VR looks like an amazing experience but it’s only 3 missions which really bums me out.


Proud to announce that I’m in the game as the JPEG dog.


TFW you love to fly these planes and remember these are real life weapons and the human cost of war is behind anything you could ever fathom.


This game looks phenomenal, but I have never touched an Ace Combat game and people talk up how insane the storytelling is in these games. Is this secretly Metal Gear? Do I need to do some reading?