Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown


Honestly no. The conflicts are all related from a single common event but each games story is really stand alone. If you want to know more then yeah you may want to do some reading but don’t be afraid to just jump in if you are already interested.


(Goes on to Waypoint and wonders whether there is an Ace Combat thread).

New to this, I caved and purchased Ace Combat 7 after hearing all the good reviews and also the fact there were some VR missions. I must have played the X-wing VR mission some 20 times now and am totally into flight sims now, especially if they are VR. Haven’t touched the VR yet as I’ve been playing the campaign and am on the jungle level where you encounter your first dogfight with a boss. It seems pretty hard and I’m not sure if I’m playing the game correctly.

Seriously, I only just realised that I could fire my machine gun by pressing X on the mission that takes place around the space elevator…

So far I’m digging the story it seems like high octane melodrama and that’s honestly everything I need in 2019. Can’t wait to unlock the bomber and go on proper strafing runs.

I think the last time I played an Ace Combat game was the demo for Ace Combat 2 on the original PlayStation. It was on the same demo disc as the Tomb Raider 2 demo.


There is a potted history (I’m new to the series also so can’t vouch for accuracy) up-thread;


In playing I kept having trouble mixing up the map & switching weapons & finally went to the options & learned you can switch them so it’s more like it was in previous games which has saved my butt numerous times. I also changed the settings for the high octane turns so it requires less button presses which is also a huge help and I strongly recommend it to anyone who has been having trouble with the controls like I have.

That said, I feel like the radio chatter and story during missions feels a lot more difficult to follow than previous games. Occasionally I’ll pick up on people saying something to each other but I don’t feel particularly connected to any of the people in my squad at any time. The couple times people on the squad who have been killed or shot down haven’t really stuck with me cause I don’t know who anyone is. Also everyone is just kind of a jerk.


I feel like the spoilered bit is because there’s honestly just not a lot of time spent getting to know each squadmate/squadron. You’re rotated multiple times throughout the campaign and the few story cutscenes are from the POV of an entirely different character and the protagonist is silent. At least the antagonist have you feel like oh these dudes are assholes but I was not really attached to the supporting cast.


I know they like to do parallel/intersecting stories with these games but at least in AC 4 it felt like the gameplay allowed you to get to know AWACS SkyEye even the tiniest bit & the steady rise of Mobius 1 as a legend through radio chatter. But this game seems to want you to know who the different pilots in your squad are like in 5 and just kinda drop the ball. I’m like 10 missions in and I’m not sure what Count & Triggers relationship is at all.


The relationship seems to extend as far as count never wants his superior officer to say anything ever as he only seems to get mad when they talk even when it’s innocuous therefore the silent person is the best. I wasn’t honestly sure if it was supposed to be a big deal when Your prison squad mates die about once a mission because they had like 10 lines each and most of their personalities are just “likes to gamble”.


Ah I knew something was off!

What is required to do the high-g turns in the alt set-up? I remember using L2+R2 from AC6, but I’m definitely getting confused sometimes in the heat of battle.

Also, is there anything I can do about HUD brightness? I’m losing targets in the sun SO often. I’m wondering if it’s an intended feature or something else.


All you need to do is decelerate when you turn and it will automatically do it.


Bandog is the worst and I want a dlc where we get to shoot him down.


So JPEG dog got a lot sadder


For those like me waiting for AC7 to release on PC I highly recommend checking out Project Wingman. It had a successful kickstarter campaign and there is a free demo you can check out. The game is very heavily influenced by Ace Combat down to having ridiculous super weapons. The graphics are also top notch for being an indie project.


Hey, I just wanted to pop in here and say, “thanks.”

I’ve been hearing people talk about “Strangereal” for the last week or so, and, for no particular reason whatsoever, decided in my head that it was spelled “Strange-Reel,” and was supposed to evoke surrealist film imagery, like the alternate universe stuff in Man in the High Castle.

Not that Strangereal makes any sense, but it does make more sense than my Strange-Reel headcanon.

So, thanks for clearing that up!


The story in this game is…a lot.

I’m about 8 or 9 missions in and it’s already more ridiculous than any of the AC’s I’ve played.


My favourite missions in this game is when you have to destroy large clusters of ground targets. Oil silos, turrets, vehicles, barracks, the lot. Still not great at the actual air combat.


This is one of those “AC trope” missions and I love them. I’m just mad it came early enough in the game that I didn’t have the A-10 yet.


Can I just say the Sandstorm level can go away?


It’s a lot easier if you have one of the two bombers unlocked so you don’t have to care about being close enough to the ground for a missile lock, or that one stupid truck that hides in a crevasse so it’s really hard to actually shoot it.


I just beat the story tonight. Excited to announce I am Fighter Pilot Jesus.


Just finished Mission 17: Farbati just can’t get a break can they. First Mobius then Trigger. I really like how we have gotten to go back to some of the locations from AC 04.