Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown


I just learned that ace combat is in the same universe as galaga, dig dug, and mr driller. This series is wild.


Ace Combat 3 is batshit insane.


i am playing a translation of AC3 right now and i can confirm that it goes some places, and has a character whose name has not left my mind at all since he was introduced, Abyssal Dision


Every Ace Combat seems like it’s trying to be Area 88 except 3, which decided to be Ghost in the Shell for some reason.


I just got a plane with the Pulse Laser and OMG its overpowered and wonderful. Its been carrying me through Hard mode quite well.


The pulse laser is great until you either unlock the super plane which can’t mount it, or something flies into the clouds where the lasers disperse instead of actually working.


Last Level Spoiler:Am I the only one having an absolute terrible time being able to get into the elevator shaft?


Try a high G turn towards the openings to get yourself lined up, I found a regular turn had me circling around a lot looking for a good path to the opening.


All the videos of this game going around unlocked some primal desire of 8 year old me deep in my subconscious, so I gave it a shot and am really enjoying it.

The story is appropriately bonkers. Will Smith was describing it on this week’s Bombcast and Jeff’s response was “so it’s Suicide Squad.” It is. It’s Suicide Squad. I do think the cutscenes are about 50% too long, and there’s a lot of uncanny, overly-direct translation that’s common with Japanese games.

I’m a few missions in, and I have a few questions for the series vets.

  • The version I bought for PS4 came with Ace Combat 5. Should I jump back and play that one before I finish 7? Will going back to 5 after 7 seem like a major downgrade?

  • What’s the strategy for going down the tech tree? Unlock planes and parts as you get the XP, or save up for the better ones? I could unlock a couple planes and a bunch of bonuses, but that F-15 is just calling to me…

  • I noticed it does the Dead Rising thing where you can restart the game at any time and keep everything you’ve unlocked. Is that the normal way to go through? Do people grind missions to unlock planes, or do they usually take a straight shot through the story?


My suggestion is to try and unlock the SU-57 so just make a line straight towards it. The pulse laser it gets is IMO the best weapon in the game.

Generally working directly towards any of the Gen 5 planes (SU-57, FA-22, YF-23) is the best plan as they are fantastic planes. I have beaten the game 3 times once on easy, once on normal and once on hard. This gave me enough money to unlock everything on the singleplayer part of the tree.

  1. AC5 is still my favorite game of the bunch. There’s going to be less “features” but there’s an absolute crap ton of planes and the setpieces are top notch.

  2. I’d move through the story as quickly as you feel comfortable. There’s been a few times where I’ve hit a mission where I didn’t feel comfortable with my plane, so I’d duck off into multiplayer for a few rounds for MRP. It’s probably easier/less time consuming than a story mission.


It was the hardest part of the level and possibly the whole game for me!

I ended up going flying around 600 speed in a F-22 and then doing a high G turn when I got to a road/path thing on the ground that had red lighting. It still took me about 6 attempts but the good news is that the rest of the flying through the shaft was pretty easy!


Honestly I was just like “if my squadmate is able to land in there so should I!”


Thanks for the tips, @Cordeos and @Bugseye!

I decided to fire up Ace 5 to see how that went. I thought it was absurdly easy - I was locking on to opposing fighters from 6,000 meters! Then I realized that it defaulted to Imperial instead of metric.

The up-rezed plane models look good, but everything else looks like, well, a PS2 game running on a 4k TV. It’s a particular problem with the fonts/on-screen graphics. So much of the screen is just fat green lines. The radar takes up a solid 1/4 of the screen. Also, I’m not sure how long I can stick with a game where my call sign is “Booby.”


Just finished 7, am debating going back and grinding out the rest of the aircraft tree, but I’m a bit disappointed in how slim the multiplayer seems to be. I’m still over the moon at the use of the soundtrack in dramatic moments. It’s always been one of my favorite parts of these big dumb anime games.

I am a bit disappointed that they didn’t commit to killing off Cosette at the end, but I’m happy that the trench runs they put in felt easier to navigate than those in previous games. Obviously, this feels like they did Ace’s Greatest Hits here, what with the Stonehenge mission and Nagase showing back up at the end, so I’m curious how others feel about the level of fan pandering present here.


It felt very much like the developers trying to win the trust of fans back by including those things. Stonehenge is honestly iconic, Basset Space Center had one of the most general fun missions in AC5 & Nagase is a beloved character. I liked that it was there for this game but I hope that in the future they move on to something new within the world of Strangereal.

Edit: My main gripe with the game is that the in game dialogue was incredibly hard to follow so I was barely able to know all these characters you end up interacting with.


I finished the story last night as well!

I agree with you @lastrefugee in that it felt a little like they were checking off “Iconic Ace Combat moments/locations” boxes during the story.

Spoiler thoughts: Even in this batshit world, this story just didn’t make much sense. It felt like the writers had a few plot beats and themes they wanted to include and just forced the rest. It felt like whiplash going from regular military squadron to prison brig and then back without much sense as to why? War criminals flying planes is a ridiculous enough concept, but the player character’s inclusion felt really forced.

I also didn’t feel much attachment to any of the characters considering how they didn’t get much in the way of backstory or characterization. It all felt really rushed.

On the plus side, the Arsenal Bird fight was absolutely incredible and gorgeous. I love those setpieces. The “blow up the aircraft rig” mission earlier might have been my favorite.

The communications blackout and resulting chaos was a really interesting concept that actually reflected in the gameplay. Having to identify targets was a cool wrinkle. I just wish they had explored it more through the story honestly.

Anyway, here’s a railgun kill from multiplayer:

EDIT: Sorry, I messed up the spoiler tags.


Ugh, railguns… No I’m not salty b/c I’m bad with them, I swear. Jokes aside, that shot is really clean and makes me jealous.

But hell yeah, those Arsenal Bird fights were both wonderful. The moment where the momentum shifts and the soundtrack swells, with the choir vocalization coming in was just A++. Best boss fight in these games in a while.


My actual #1 complaint with the story is people getting magical monologue invincibility. Redoing the campaign for medals really makes it apparent when nothing you do actually matters for several minutes at a time.


They’re immensely frustrating to fight against. I also mained Bastion in Overwatch, so I’m a bad person. I apologize.

This is my first experience with multiplayer in Ace Combat and there’s definitely some issues. Railguns are so frustrating because there’s no warning or effective counter to them. All of the missiles are balanced in some way that maneuvers, flares, and weather can protect you. The only counter to railguns is moving erratically for an entire match.

I think if railguns had to briefly charge before firing, like that one dogfight with Mister X, then a sound cue and warning on your map could work. This would also work to raise the skill ceiling for use to a pretty high level. As of right now, they’re kind of hard to get good with but great players are nigh unstoppable.