Achievements You Deserve (But Unfortunately Don't Exist)

We’ve all done things in games that we deserve recognition for, but, we, unsung heroes of the cybersphere, received none such. They are sometime tedious, difficult tasks; sometimes they are subtle and easy things that take little effort. But they matter, changing the flow of the cosmos immeasurably.

What do you claim as the silent accomplishments of your gamer life?

Please post complete with achievement name, and the points allocated to it.

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The Trial of Sisyphus - 15: Return to Assassin’s Creed Odyssey at least four separate times with the intent of finishing it but without actually doing so.

Ubisoft Done Goofed When They Disbanded The Frag Dolls - 150: Finished the entire co-op campaign of Splinter Cell: Conviction in one sitting with one of the Frag Dolls (Spectra FD).

Tony Hawk’s Pro Dragon - 50: Beat all of the hard parts of Spyro the Dragon when my roommate used my PS3 to take care of some childhood unfinished business.

Behold My Power - 75: My roommate and his friend used to do mocking impressions of me while playing through Spyro 2 and 3 on my PS3 and that would actually help them get through the hard bits.

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I am the Patch Man - 25: Patch/Update Destiny 2 on a terrible internet connection with data cap, then never launch the game, on 5 seperate occasions.


To Be Fair, The Switches Are Right On Top Of Each Other - 5: Solve the marble puzzle from Riven without hints, misclick the button that switches off the marble machine instead of the one that checks the solution, assume you’ve gone wrong somewhere, and dismantle the whole puzzle again trying to troubleshoot it


Stubborn 100p - Beat the entirety of The Witness without alt-tabbing out for a FAQ.

A Masterclass in Patience and/or Self-Loating 20p - Beat the entirety of Fallout 4 without throwing your PC into the nearest river.

Google Still Exists You Know… 15p - Load up the eshop to see if a Switch port for a game exists instead of just looking it up online.

A for Effort, F for Foresight 5p - Play a game in a manner you assume will net you an achievement but actually won’t


Not enough space - Have 100 GB worth of space games installed at the same time.


Life’s About the Journey, Not the Destination: Play a game to within an hour of the credits rolling, then never touch it again.

I wish I could say I haven’t done this multiple times…but I have.


Above Average - Survived over 5 years working in the game industry.

Lost Legacy - Over 50% of the games you’ve worked on are no longer playable on modern devices.

Yeah, I’m a little bitter.


Fool Me Twice, Shame On Me 0p - Get Tricked into buying ESO expansions, twice, because the advertisements are really cool


Gotta Get My Steps in (20p) - Play through an entire open world game without fast traveling

Back Problems (30p) - Beat Fallout 3, 4, or New Vegas while spending more than 50% of the game overencumbered

Okay, this time I got it (5p) - In an online competitive game, select “Rematch” against an opponent you’ve just lost to 5 times in a row

Be smarter, Martyr (15p) - Died trying to save/revive a teammate who previously showed that they are a poor team player

Wow (75p) - Tell yourself you’ll “only play one more game/match” and then only play one more game/match


TitanFanboy (100) - Keep launch Titanfall 2 installed on your hard drive without ever deleting it.

Four-in-One (41) - Have Titanfall 2 installed on four separate devices simultaneously.

These Aren’t the Titans You’re Looking For (1) - Delete Apex Legends


I’ll Play This Soon - Keep 15 single player games installed with less than an hour’s worth of play time on each


wow okay thanks i feel extremely called out

I May As Well… Delete a save file with at least 25 hours of progress and start anew just because you didn’t touch a game for a week


im nice. 15 chars

Leeeeeewwwwwd - travel 10 in-game km in MGS4 using Snake’s caterpillar crawl


You Should Be A Saint While not in a party, play an entire round of Overwatch as Mercy and don’t develop a hatred for your teammates


Not my own, but a friend of mine earned Fired For Making A Video Game (50p, Ultra-Rare) several years ago, and I’ve yet to see anyone else pop that same 'cheevo.

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I’m No Expert, But…: Recommend a game you’ve never played to three different people.


Bury the Axe (25p): Don’t play DotA 2 for over a year