Activision-Blizzard Fined $35 Million for Not Disclosing Sexual Harassment

Today, the SEC announced that it would be fining Activision-Blizzard the video game developer and publisher behind games like World of Warcraft, $35 million, following an investigation into the company which found that the company had failed to disclose instances of sexual harassment to investors. 

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Glad they got fined but this

This means that the $35 million will be sent to one of three places: the U.S. treasury, a fund designed to support whistleblowers, or a fund which will payout to affected investors. The money will, in no way, be going to the victims of harassment around which this case revolves.

Being buried near the bottom really sucks. Investors potentially getting the payout for sexual assault while the victims see nothing is beyond disgusting. I guess best case scenario at this point individuals can come forward with their own lawsuits using the SECs findings?

Also $35 million is not enough. They make $8.8 billion in revenue annually. Stop with this stupid flat amount bs and make them pay a % of their revenue for the next X years and actually hold people accountable with actual penalties.


Fines that small are a price of doing business for corporations that large.

And I’m really sick of hearing about making investors whole again. They wouldn’t be getting anything without the work of the people affected by the harassment. (This post brought to you by frustration with corporate America lol)