Activision Blizzard Is Acting Like a Company That’s Scared of a Union

On a quiet Zoom call yesterday, a historic event occurred: The quality assurance team at Raven Software, one of the studios behind Call of Duty Warzone, voted to unionize. The vote wasn’t even close, with 19 votes in favor, three votes against. It was a landslide.

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I don’t think you need to be studying your communist theory to see that if the coffers suddenly open the minute a credible union threat is on the horizon, it’s because management knows that those raises and improvements to working conditions are a pittance compared to what they stand to pay to workers if strong unions form. In some ways it’s more infuriating, right? I think a lot of times you can work at a company and people generally believe that budgets are tight because times are hard or the business is in a complicated place or that there’s some other good reason you’re doing the job of two people for middling pay. The people telling you that often are in the same boat and doing the same thing! Then an incipient union threat appears and suddenly there’s a ton of extra cash and benefits to wave around and you realize that all the bad pay and lack or resources was a choice not a necessity.

Just wanted to highlight this good Rob Zacny 'graf. That’s all.