Activision Blizzard Workers Accuse Company of 'Union Busting' and 'Intimidation'

Activision and Blizzard workers are accusing the company of "intimidation and union busting" in a charge filed with the National Labor Relations Board. 

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God fuck this company forever.

Another current employee said that “Blizzard has been hemorrhaging people,” in the last few weeks, referring to employees quitting the company in the wake of the harassment allegations.

I absolutely can’t blame anyone for leaving the company because it sounds like a nightmare. Many of them will never return to the games industry but they’re just going to be replaced by young eager college grads who are “thankful for the opportunity” and nothing will change. All power to the workers who are fighting to get their union recognized and maybe finally getting some progress.


I’m obviously glad this is getting coverage, but it feels like if anyone reading this is surprised that these companies are exploiting, abusing, and union-busting, you’d have to be living in some kind of fantasy.