Activision Is Resisting Diversity Hiring Push by America's Unions

Lawyers from gaming industry giant Activision Blizzard have rejected a proposal that many companies use to diversify their workforces, claiming that a new shareholder proposal submitted by the AFL-CIO is "an unworkable encroachment" on the gaming company's ability to compete for new talent "in a highly competitive, fast-moving market," according to a letter obtained by Motherboard.

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How can you blame a company for not wanting to hiring inexperienced minority talent when they’ve repeatedly refused to give any of that talent any experience? It’s a perfect circle of them doing fuck-all and thus further justifying their further fuck-all.

Also, Activision-Blizzard can’t afford to lose more talent because everybody who actually built that company fled years ago to get away from their stupid toxic bullshit. I mean, who can blame them for putting themselves in this situation??

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