Activision Starts Using Familiar Anti-Union Tactics

An Activision Blizzard executive sent a company-wide email trying to discourage workers from forming a union on Friday.

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This makes me laugh only because of all of the shit that has come to light. Like, is ActiBlizz actually trying to claim that workers would get a fairer shake by dealing directly with the company, rather than unionizing and collectively bargaining? Like the same company that has done all of this shit — not in some distant past where “things were different back then”, but like within the last year?

I get that this is standard anti-Union tactics, but it really makes me laugh in this case. Like, cut your losses guys. You made this happen.

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The exact same shit as always

Not gonna lie, if you asked me even a year ago what American game dev would be the first to unionize, it would have taken me a lot of guesses before I got to ABK. But their C-suite has been so cartoonishly villainous throughout this whole process that an email like this would probably only encourage people to unionize faster

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