Activities that help with our disability


At the first ever Anime NYC there was a panel on Cosplay and disability. It about how cosplay helped many of the panelist and people they know with getting through life whether it was physical or mental disability. I want to know for those of us who have any sort of disability has gotten into some sort of activity that allowed them to improve their lives?


Drawing has made my life immeasurably better. When my symptoms are flaring up, I don’t want to go anywhere and need something that distracts from chronic pain. Drawing and illustration are meditative enough for me that I can get through pain issues for a few hours.


Music. Always having something playing in my headphones is very calming for me, even while reading. I also play a lot of guitar, helps me focus on one thing and forget about everything else.


For me, with my dyslexia, video games help me focus on objectives and help me learn to think open and objectively. Photography help me to sharpen my views and look for details.