Actually, Peter Dinklage Was Good in 'Destiny'

Dinklage got the point about his character's—and the game's—inherent absurdity. Everyone else missed it.

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I always thought that the issues with Destiny’s voice acting had a lot more to do with implementation than with the actors’ performances. That game was crammed full of fantastic actors who have a long history proving they can do great work along with Dinklage as a high profile newcomer and a lot of it came out feeling flat or disjointed. It was really a shame that people dogpiled on him over it when it seems like he honestly did a great job.

I agree, even with North’s range as a voice actor, it’s hard not to hear his signature inflection and be reminded “yep that’s Drake/Meepo/Merasmus/whatever”. Dinklage did the best with what he was provided, which in Destiny’s case was “not much tbh”.

Though the replacement may have been because of extenuating circumstances. Destiny was supposed to be the Ur-Game that became Activision’s new ultra seller on the level of Modern Warfare, so of course they got big-name actors into the whole production. But, that didn’t happen, so naturally we get the bump down from Actual Actor to Pretty Talented But Too Recognizable Voice Actor.

i would be more on board with the whole “Dinklage’s ghost is completely unimpressed with everything happening and it’s intentional” thing if it was also in the way the lines were written, and not just how they were delivered. sometimes i can buy that argument, like when he’s giving you directions on Earth, but when it’s something like “they protect the realms kept out of time. time? that can’t be right…” it sounds less like Ghost’s seen-it-all knows-it-all and more like Peter is bored out of his skull in the recording booth.


I think Dinklage’s performance is fine but I thought the issue was it’d be too costly to get someone as high profile as him to keep coming back to do DLC etc.

Think this article hit the nail on the head. I just remember the line ‘that wizard came from the moon’ and the internet had spoken.

I’m in agreement, here. Destiny is Activision’s “10 year game”. Can you imagine how expensive it would be - not to mention the scheduling headache - for the character in your game with the most lines by far to be voiced by a high-profile actor whose clout is very likely to increase over the intervening years? It was a flashy short-term casting choice with serious long-term consequences.

As someone who has been involved in performing arts for a several years now, I have to agree that I always found Peter Dinklage’s performance perfectly acceptable. Did it blow my mind? No, but not every performance does, be it in video games or movies or television. There’s some truly terrible performance work out there, and I don’t believe this falls into that category.

I, too, missed his dry delivery when they made the switch. And there were several lines I personally thought he performed better, or at least had a better read on. Especially with the somewhat elusive nature as to what the Ghosts actually are, I feel Nolan’s performance is a little too effusive (well done, without a doubt, but possibly a little uncharacteristic).

I thought Dinklage’s performance was very natural and believable for similar points Cameron’s article argues.
I thought replacing him was a shitty move, but I understand the replacement.

Dinklage’s performance is most likely ranking up and up in cost and coupled with the fact he’s an on-screen actor, not necessarily a voice actor, I don’t think they saw longevity in their casting.
Nolan North on the other hand is an established voice actor with game industry experience and, I presume, is much more readily available at a lower cost.

While I liked Dinklage’s VA in Destiny I always figured he was a stunt casting to draw attention like “Hey look, we have beloved actor from a hugely popular TV-show in our game, please buy!”

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Oh thank god someone else with sense on the internet. I loved how bored the Dinklebot was about everything happening around it, because it was a robot and it didn’t care - after all, if you died it would just bring you back again. The few times it showed annoyance felt more meaningful and earned (the reaction to you calling it “little light” had just enough emotion in it to suggest you’d actually touched a nerve, for example). The only line that really clunked for me was the “this time, we can go wherever we want” when you started a Patrol mission, and honestly nobody could save a line that bad, not even Voice Actor Jesus.

Nolan North plays the character completely differently - the Ghost is no longer this world-weary know-it-all (with occasional flashes of a dry humor a la the delivery of “this could be going better” when you started failing out of a public event), it’s more of an excited puppy who is just so thrilled to be out here adventuring with you, because you’re so fucking special and you’ll be great friends I just know it. Which is fine, in its way - they wrote more funny lines for him so it kind of evens out, but I miss the Dinklebot e’en now.

I think I’m in the minority here but I kind of haaate Nolan North’s ghost voice. It took ghost from being my more serious AI buddy to Saturday morning cartoon territory. His VO altered the tone of the game for me in a way that actually detracted from my experience.

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4Kids Presents Dan Simmons Hyperion.

Never understood the criticism of a robot acting robotic.

So long as they continue to have Lance Reddick in the game, we should be good. That dude has the best voice on the planet. I have played the Sepiks Prime strike so many times.

“We must destroy their machine god and send their souls screaming back to Hell.”

Whatever you say Zavala! I’ll do whatever you tell me to! Never gets old.