Add the author to article topics?

Having the Waypoint Bot post articles as forum topics is great, but it’s really missing one thing – the author of the piece. It’s frustrating to have to scroll down to the bottom of the post and click the link back to the main site to find out who “I” is for each article, especially on the very first-person Open Thread pieces.

Not knowing how Waypoint Bot or the CMS is set up, I have no idea how easy this would be, but it would be super appreciated.


I was just thinking about this! Thanks for mentioning it. I’m often able to read the tone and subject matter with the staff, but with freelancers I can’t tell.

Thanks, I will add it to the list of things I have to look at for the forum!

Please keep giving us your feedback!


Came here to post this, glad someone else noticed. So many of the Open Threads are autobiographical, it really can be a vital piece of context.


Doing this would be a great way to make sure the main site never gets traffic from people who most regularly read its content. :grimacing:

I understand the concern and if that’s actually the reason that’s fine, but it feels like not posting the entire article in the topic would be a better solution for that. The current system also ensures I rarely click through to the site. Not sure what kind of ad revenue is pulled from someone clicking through to read the author name and then immediately closing the window. But I do not run a major media site so what do I know.

If “showing the entire article but withholding the author’s name to encourage a click that you have to find at the bottom of the post” is an important part of the business plan, I don’t know what to say to that.

Edit: to elaborate on that in a less grouchy way, like Patrick suggests above, there may be other preferable solutions, but the way things are set up now is inconvenient in a frustrating way. It doesn’t make me want to click through, it just leaves me annoyed that useful context is missing from the post. I understand that running a web site based on clicks and ad rev is a fraught situation, but as an audience member, the current setup is frustrating.


I mean, this is Vice. :slight_smile:

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I truly don’t think that not including the author’s name in the OP is an intentional move made to force forum readers to go to the main site to find out that decidedly minor piece of information. That would be extremely ineffective. I’d bet real money that it’s just a simple oversight in how the CMS interfaces with the forum when crossposting. If they wanted to force forum users to go the main site, they wouldn’t crosspost the body of the article; they would just link to it in the OP.

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Hi, all. The mod team are continuing to look into this. Most of the additional non-standard Discourse (our forum software) features like we use, like the article auto-shares, are developed and pushed for by the mod team in their capacity as volunteers. There are other problems with how we currently embed things (e.g. certain videos & gifs won’t cross-load across both platforms) that we are also looking into. We would always encourage people to look at the original listing and check out the authors, because it is important to make sure that people receive proper credit. With that said, our technical knowledge, as a team, is limited and we are only volunteers, many of whom have day jobs or studying to do alongside their work as moderators on this and other Waypoint platforms. We’re sorry for any frustration this causes.


Thank you for all your work!

So erm, kinda new topic but also maybe related to changes being made based on this discussion…

The article auto-shares are all broken or policy has changed so they’re no longer mirrored onto the forums now?

Looking at the various New Stories threads, it not only looks like the new threads being generated no longer contain the text of the articles but also looking at some of the more recent old threads, they’ve all been edited to remove the article text. Is this part of an unannounced policy change?

It looks like the text is still there you just have to now click a button first.


Yes, this was a conscious change according to some discussion with staff. For now, they will remain truncated as is but we are looking into different things for the generated posts.


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