Add timestamps to topics in Waypoints pods?

Mods, I have request for the Waypoints podcast episodes.

Is it possible to include timestamps in each episode indicating when the crew starts talking about each topic?

There are some shows/movies/etc that I know I’m going to get to soon, and I’d rather listen to the crew talk about it after I’ve had a chance to think about it. Timestamps would make it easy to quickly skip ahead to the next topic, and to come back when I’m ready.

To be clear, if this isn’t possible, or would add too much work to the Waypoint crew’s busy schedules, then please disregard. It would be a nice to have but is in no way essential.


I’ll second this, although for admittedly more selfish reasons. There are some topics I just have no interest in hearing discussed, no matter how well-worded or hot the take is. Sometimes I’ll push through these sections in hopes that something more interesting will come afterwards, while other times I bail on the podcast entirely. Time stamps allow me to skip to the next topic of conversation that intrigues me or is relevant to my interests.

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Adding timestamps would likely be rather difficult in Waypoint’s case due to the use of procedural adverts. Essentially they leave a gap where an ad is supposed to be served and one (sometimes) gets added in by the server, tailored to the listener’s location. Naturally this means that the Waypoint crew can’t give universal timestamps, as they might be minutes off depending on which regional variant of the file you happen to be listening to.

I believe some podcast apps allow for custom bookmarks, so that might be one way to avoid spoilers/takes until you’re ready.

Yea that is a good point.

General time stamps would still be useful. For example “~15:00 we talk about X”. I don’t know if that’s doable.