'Adios' Has a Great Story to Tell, But Isn't a Great Game

Adios has nothing up its sleeve. The Steam store description says it’s about a pig farmer (Rick Zieff) who has decided he’s going to stop helping the mob dispose of their victims. He spends a day talking about that decision with his old friend, the hitman who has been bringing him all those dead bodies and the money for making them disappear. The hitman warns the farmer that the mob doesn’t accept resignations or retirements, and if he persists in quitting, then he’ll be killed. The two spend the day together talking around and about that choice, but it’s not up for negotiation. The farmer can’t be dissuaded. The hitman can’t grant him clemency. They pass the day together, doing chores and trying to make one another understand their choices.

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For anyone else who’s played it by now, I’d like to talk about a part of the motivations I’ve been thinking about quite a bit. CW for talking about suicide. Rob talks in the piece about the motivations for wanting to stop becoming murkier, where it’s initially presented to the audience as a moral stance, with the farmer wanting to die with this off his chest. As the story progresses and he talks more and more about being lonely and you learn more about his family situation and his life, I ended up thinking about whether the farmer was essentially looking for an assisted suicide, of sorts.

Regarding the piece, I really agree that at times the game got in the way. The big outburst alluded to in the article kind of missed the mark for me, because it takes place, unless this is a different scene than what I’m thinking of, during an interactive activity. You do some skeet-shooting with the hitman, and as I was shooting the characters were talking. I tried to time my actions to be in between the character dialogue, but ultimately this didn’t really work. So as the guy is lashing out at me, he’s also helpfully hitting the lever to shoot out the little skeet frisbee thing. The audio from all this also overlaps the dialogue so it’s a bit jumbled. I ended up wondering, should I have like, sat and waited for the whole dialogue to end, and then do the shooting? What did I do wrong there? On top of this, I often had diloague lines cut off the ends and occasionally skip whole lines, never any major ones but plenty of little things like a “Yeah.” That was, I assume, an asset on its own. I wish this game was a little cleaner, and hopefully patches come out for it so future players get a better experience. I don’t expect the faces to be highly animated in the future but hopefully the flow and some of the bugs can be ironed out.