Adopt-a-Hunter, a Service to Help Players Finally Understand Monster Hunter


Monster Hunter is having a moment. The series once struggled to find anything but niche fandom outside Japan, where the series has been a cultural phenomenon at points. But Monster Hunter: World is different. It’s not just a hit, but a blockbuster. Case in point: they’ve managed to get me on the hype train. And while Monster Hunter: World is the most accessible Monster Hunter to date, it’s still a hefty mountain to climb, and the easiest way to wrap your head around it is with a friend guiding the way.

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This is just too good. During the 3DS days of Monster hunter, most of the training came from videos and forum talks. Now you can have face to face time with someone with how easy chatting can be.


Yooo that’s really cool! I’m glad that so many people are getting into Monster Hunter, that a service like this was set up! I do enjoy helping people get started with games that I’m really into, so I think I’m gonna sign up myself! I’ve been playing monhun for a while now, but haven’t really been involved in the community, and as such can’t really speak to how monster hunter players are on the whole. But I do really hope this service flourishes and there isn’t a bunch of trolling and toxicity.