Adventure Time It's been a fun ride


Adventure Time final season is just around the corner and its been a great ride. Watching characters truly grow from their mistakes or dive deeper into their own insanity has been a both gleefully delightul and depression. The art, the music and character has brought me limitless joy and glad to have watched it.


I’m a buff baby that can dance like a man
I can shake-ah my fanny, I can shake-ah my can


in most of the more abstract episodes, i can’t tell if this show has subtext or if it’s just a hot load of fun nonsense and i don’t know what the hell a child watching it is supposed to glean from it when i can’t wrap my supposedly adult brain around it

either way, it’s been a lot of fun and my favourite part has probably been jake’s increasingly absurd and convoluted transformations, in addition to the episodes with guest animators lending it a radically different style


Honestly I entirely lost interest in what was once my absolute favourite series of all time due to loss of an arm that magically poofs back onto him cause a bee wants that sweet flower poon.

I feel like it cut an entire progression of both character development in terms of emotional development and ability development. Like they erased a massive part of something that happened to Finn. Even if they were going to override the arm loss, the story where it pops back into existence was absolutely lacklustre.

Stuck through it for the huge Marcie saga, that was pretty good. But haven’t been able to go back to it in fear of it putting a worse taste in my mouth by the finish of it. Glitch is a glitch is one of my favourite guest episodes of all time, if you have ever looked at David O’Reilly’s actual YouTube content he has independently produced, it’s very clear where the kind of weird writing for the episode comes from too.


Have not been able to watch the last few seasons but this is one of my favorite all time shows. I definitely need to catch up!


I’ve honestly been waiting for this show to end for a long time. It’s not that I thought the show was becoming worse, it just was an exhausting show to keep up with. Now that it’s ending, I feel much more comfortable going back and watching it.


For better and often for worse, adventure time has really felt like a series that different people made their own, without fear of jettisoning what came before. Like the arm, or PB and Marceline’s characterizations.

I’ve loved some of what adventure time was and disliked other portions, but it’ll always be my favorite for the good times to be found.


It’s mostly absurdist commentary and mild nihilistic musings. It’s not too difficult to get once you realize the most out there stuff is supposed to be impossible to understand completely, because we simply can’t fully understand existence.

It’s the more serious and thoughtful counterpoint to Regular Show’s struggle to come into age story and Gumball’s setzer bottle, Monty Python commentary. It’s less focused on one thing as Regular Show, aiming for a more grand look at our existence, and doesn’t hide behind comedy to do so like Gumball does.

BTW, calling it now, OK KO will absolutely get absurdist or nihilist at some point, and Steven Universe is lightly dabbling in that pool already (it seems pretty interested in determinist theory as a side observation).


I think the blank eyed girls episode is a great example of what you’re saying, although that’s also about the beauty of horror. Also, you nailed the regular show/gumball comparison. Though I think determinist and nihilist are too reductive for what I suspect SU is going for.

I still feel burned from the aftermath of Finn/Flame Princess but I hope he and HW get to end in a good place at least. Just let Finn have a nice lady (or lad) friend already


I wouldn’t count on it, since a major running theme in the show seems to be you don’t always get what you want, but you can still find satisfaction anyways.