Advertisement Monitoring


Not necessarily a problem, but also not necessarily not a problem, I just thought it might be a good idea to keep a list of the ads on Waypoint its their media content so that nothing conflicting with the moral standards of the team is unknowingly slipping through the cracks.

In the UK, or at least in a fairly large area around London, Airbnb ads are appearing in Waypoint Radio episodes. Airbnb has faced some criticism for turning what would be long term rental properties into more profitable short term holiday rentals, reducing the affordable actual living space for people and in part contributing to the rises in rent.

I know pretty much anyone advertising is gonna be compromised in some way, and you’ve gotta make payroll somehow, so I’m not gonna judge if the team decides that even though Airbnb is bad, they’re not so bad that they’ll refuse the ads, just thought I’d let you all know.