Advice on Pitching to Waypoint?


​I’ve seen the tweet telling us to “send pitches to with the subject line PITCH..” (edit: the linked tweet actually says "" but I’ve updated the thing I said here to reflect responses later in the thread.) Beyond that, though, and vague recollections of discussions on the podcast around its launch, I don’t actually see any guidance on how to format a pitch or what the expectations are going into it. Googling turns up some dead-end links I imagine the site crew intended to fill out but slipped through the cracks between more important things.

What I remember from early podcasts is “have a good elevator pitch for an essay or article you imagine would be around 750 words long,” which doesn’t seem too hard–but I still am uneasy throwing myself out there in the wind.

I have some ideas I’ve been mulling over to pitch, but I don’t want to shoot myself in the foot or make waypointers’ jobs harder–advice, expectations or general instructions to follow would be appreciated!


I vaguely remember Austin tweeting some tips for sending in pitches a while back that I’ve been meaning to dig up in case I ever work up the courage to pitch something (unlikely). I’ll dig around and see if I can find them.


Back with my findings!

  • General things they are looking for and Austin answers some questions in this thread.
  • More advice on what to include with your pitch here.
  • This is the one I remembered originally. Austin links to more info on pegs here.

Hopefully this helps!


Thank you! Very much so!


Conveniently, there’s a post right here on the forum! (Side-note, the search feature here is top-notch.)


Well, deep breaths. There’s my first pitch submitted.


Awesome! Hope it goes well!


Best of luck to you!