After 20 Years of Begging, Nintendo Finally Announced 'New Pokémon Snap'

After 20 years of begging from fans, a sequel to 1999's Pokémon Snap is coming to the Switch.

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GotY whatever year this comes out.


Seeing that year in the excerpt gave me a bit of a whoa moment — for some reason I thought Pokémon Snap was a little more recent. Or at least that I was older than four when it came out.

Honestly not that into regular Pokemon but I’ll definitely play a new Pokemon Snap.

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Famously in my household, I asked my parents to exchange the N64 bundle we were about to get from Costco from the one with Ocarina of Time packed in to the one with Pokemon Snap packed in.


I’m so excited for this. A lot of the joy of Pokemon Snap for me is seeing Pokemon run around in their natural environment and the challenge of taking a great photo. I deeply look forward into printing out my best photos and building a scrapbook around it.


Both legendary, don’t see the wrong in that! :wink:

Welp, guess I have my GotY 2021 locked in.


Wait, I thought BUGSNAX was “New Pokemon Snap”. So this is New, New Pokemon Snap?

Having not played Bugsnax, I assumed it was the new Viva Piñata?

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Learning when certain cute creatures appear and how to lure them out, so you can catch them sounds very similar to how I remember Pokemon Snap. Just not on rails.

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I don’t think I’ve been this excited for a game since like… maaaaybe Skyward Sword? Maybe Pokémon Soul Silver? This is all I need in 2021, thank you very much

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Something I’ve been thinking about from the website.

As you take photos and keep researching, you may get to see Pokémon look and behave in different ways than before.

I wonder if we’ll see Lental (Lentalnian?) form Pokemon in this game?

Edit: I know this is more likely referring to the Illumina phenomenon mentioned on the website (the glowing pokemon) but I refuse to give up hope.

One other thing I’m hoping for is one of the locations is the landscape full of blossoming cherry trees. Since they showed off deerling and sawsbuck, I really hope that zone goes through all four seasons so you can get shots of the multiple forms. I’m also hoping for day/night versions of the levels.

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my guess would be that alludes to the Big Meganium from the end of the video buuuut Lentali Forme pokémon would be great

The Kotaku article I read said something about the game saying some of the pokemon have a “mysterious glow” and you need to find out why. That’s probably as close to new pokemon as we get, I don’t think they’d have Bamco make new ones.

Pokemon Snap was my favorite rail shooter, with a whole host of little tricks and secrets and also Pikachu on a stump. I’m amped to see a talented team revisit the concept. Especially after having twenty years for talent to develop and games to evolve.

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“You’re welcome. Don’t ask for anything else this year.” – Nintendo

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I dunno, the fact this (what I would call) pretty Big game was announced mid last year and then never mentioned until 3 months before it’s release gives me hope for certain other games coming out this year :eyes:

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