After 7 Years in Development Hell, No Fairytale Ending for 'Ray's the Dead'

On June 13, 2013 design director Chris Cobb published a piece on Sony's PlayStation Blog called "Ray's the Dead is Brought to Life on PS4." Seven years later, Cobb returned to that blog to publish a follow-up piece: "Ray's the Dead comes to life today on PS4." The Pikmin-inspired project was imagined as an early indie stand out for the new PlayStation 4. It would then spend years in development hell, arriving a few weeks before the PlayStation 5.

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Well, I’m depressed now…

This was the story for so many games that started development during the Kickstarter boom of '13-'14. Projects with such limited access to capital need to be tightly managed and that just isn’t the skillset of most indie developers.

Remember Galak-Z? That game almost never got its final level because their level design guy left and nobody could figure out how to do his job. Game dev is tough, but imagine trying to do it with zero skills crossover or redundancy in the team.